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I live in Wedington Woods, and several times a week drive to and from Highway 16 from and to Pin Oak Road. There is a very curvy and steep section

of this narrow road, and once on a winter’s day I found myself sliding wildly on ice. I almost had it under control, when another sliding car bumped

into me and knocked me into a ditch.

At the bottom of this hill there is a new entrance to a dirt mine being developed by Tom Terminella. Anyone coming down this road just gets to the bottom of the hill in a blind curve and there is the entrance, which 50 trucks or more a day will be emerging from and reentering if this mine is approved. As one resident commented, an accident is not if, but when. Considering that school buses regularly travel these roads, this is especially troubling. One must drive carefully on this road in any case because drivers often cross the center line and you never know when a deer will jump out in front of you. Several have been hit.

Mark Rich, the previous owner of the land, was turned down for his planned dirt mine four years ago by the Quorum Court because the number of trucks that would travel this road would create a hazard, reduce property values and in general be bad for the community. Terminella bought the property and has again proposed this dirt mine.

Many residents spoke at the Planning Commission meeting against it, citing the dangers of the road, the noise, runoff to the creek, etc. The only one to speak for the project was Terminella himself. He said if anyone is concerned about the hazards to a school bus full of children, we could be like him and drive our children to school.

Inexplicably, the planning commission approved the Conditional Use Permit for this mine, on the condition of a side lane. This still does not solve the lack of visibility, the size of the trucks on the road, or the difficulty of a school bus and the dump trucks passing on the narrow roads.

The vote is coming up at the Quorum Court on Sept. 22. Please come and speak against this dirt mine that is focused more on financial profit

than on the safety and welfare of the community.

Shelley Buonaiuto


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