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DEAR READERS: Kids need to be very cautious when getting on and off a school bus. The U.S. Department of Transportation has reminded us that it's time to be "SAFE" with these suggestions:

• STAY five steps away from the curb.

• ALWAYS wait for the bus driver to signal you when to board.

• FACE forward after sitting down on the bus.

• EXIT the bus when it stops completely; look left-right-left and take those five steps back onto the curb.

Kids should always listen to the school bus driver's instructions.

DEAR HELOISE: I like to cook fish on my gas grill, but I don't want the fish to fall through the grate into the flame. To solve the problem, I use a splatter guard screen like I use on my frying pan.

I spray it with nonstick spray and put the fish on that, then right on the grill.

-- Charles in Texas

DEAR HELOISE: I have an HE washing machine (low water use). Because my family uses bath gels, we have trouble with insufficient rinsing and/or stiff towels in our laundry, so I use NO detergent and very little fabric softener. The towels come out nice, fluffy and absorbent.

-- Pat C., Palermo, Maine

DEAR HELOISE: I like to move around when I use my laptop computer. I put it on a cafeteria tray to keep it steady and the airflow clear.

I can put handy things there, like glasses, pencil, sticky notes, earbuds and a flash drive. Good to go.

-- A Reader, via email

DEAR HELOISE: When fruits are in season, I purchase them. We eat some, then I put them in my blender and pulverize them. Next, I measure how many cups I need to make jam. I put them in bags or containers and put them in the freezer.

I only make one batch at a time. When I'm ready to make more, I thaw the pulp and make another batch. It's better made fresh instead of having several batches on hand.

-- Edna H., Prattville, Ala.

DEAR HELOISE: I had several cotton/polyester blouses that were wrinkled. Instead of using an iron, I spritzed each one with cold water from a spray bottle. The wrinkles fell out, and the blouses were ready to wear when they dried.

-- Sue, via email

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Weekend on 09/05/2019

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