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October 27, 2019 at 1:40 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Sept. 23-Sept. 27:

Mann Development, LLC to Little Rock AR II SGF, LLC, 322 Main St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B76, Original City Of Little Rock, $16,500,000.

Doug Brandon Properties, Steve Key Will Greene, LLC, L1, Springhart, $2,380,000.

ARC FD34PCK001, LLC to Spirit Master Funding X, LLC, Lots A & B B6, East Argenta, $1,260,871.

Regal Properties, LLC to BUI Property Of Little Rock, LLC, 13501-13541 Crystal Hill Road, North Little Rock, L2, Wal-Mart Commercial, $950,000.

Jeff Fuller Homes, LLC to Mauricio and Patricia Moreno and The MF Trust, 84 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L15 B96, Chenal Valley, $950,000.

John Roberts and Sue Ann Graves to Bilal Sadiq and Samer Usmani, 44 Bretagne Circle, Little Rock, L22 B10, Chenal Valley, $880,000.

Neil and Sharyn Carroll Morton to Paul and Patricia Pfeifer, 5800 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L87, Forest Heights Place, $730,000.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Inc. to Larry D. and Tara R. Stebbins and The Larry D. And Tara R. Stebbins Living Trust, 111 Ensbury Dr, Little Rock, L50 B101, Chenal Valley, $634,900.

Centennial Bank to Billy Roehrenbeck and T & T Living Trust, L35 B83, Chenal Valley, $575,000.

Molly Satterfield to Rex E. and Marge Anna Luttrell, 65 Robinwood Drive, Little Rock, L63, Robinwood, $575,000.

Ronald C. and Sharon A. Beggs to Scottie B. and Amanda J. Taylor, 190 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L24 B124, Chenal Valley, $512,000.

John Daniel Burris and Katherine Alexandra Vasilos to Ryan L. and Heather K. Bartholomew, 4216 Valley View Drive, Little Rock, L74, Longlea VIII-K, $476,500.

Richard L. and Brandy D. Uekman to Brian and Sheila Bell, 130 Cherokee Drive, Maumelle, L219, Osage Falls Phase III-B, $454,000.

Mark and Joi Pryor to Darin Boen, 2501 Justin Matthews Drive, North Little Rock, L3 B39, Lakewood, $430,000.

Sid C. and Jean C. Dabbs to John E. and Cara W. Patterson, Lot B-1 B13, Chenal Valley, $410,000.

Michael B. and Lynda L. Rasmussen to Krista Lee and James Swenson, 7 Wildcreek Cove, Little Rock, L95 B3, Wildwood Place, $370,000.

Jeremy Kyle and Jennifer D. Luttrell to Tiffany B. and Joseph B. Adams, 3 Sweet Fern Cove, Little Rock, L16 B10, Woodlands Edge, $355,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Victoria L. and George A. Ramirez Jr., 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 607, Little Rock, Unit 607, Riviera HPR, $345,000.

William Stewart and Holly Renee Moore and The WHM Living Trust to Paul Miller, 16 Wood Sorrell Point, Little Rock, L42 B2, Woodlands Edge, $336,000.

Bradford Construction & Contracting Services, LLC and Bradford Morris Construction, LLC to Thomas L. Bonner, 407 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L11 B4, Wildwood Place, $315,000.

Mark Hanna and Ashley Ahhan to Thomas Blackmon, Ls8-9 B3, Mountain Park, $310,000.

Richard L. and Carolyn Wise to Michael Wade Roberson, 116 Lagrue Drive, Sherwood, L9 B29, Overbrook, $290,500.

William H. and Shannon R. Fallon to Charlotte R. Wallace, 2724 White-wood Drive, Sherwood, L4 B5, Creekside, $287,000.

Scott Jones Custom Homes, Joshua and Janna Valovich, 3208 Stonehill Drive, Sherwood, L59 B11, Stonehill Phase VI, $285,500.

Chad and Cortney Golden to Kyle and Anna Mitchell, 11802 Willow Lane, Scott, L46, The Willows Phase III, $284,600.

Daniel and Sarah Santoro to Nicholas J. and Mischelle Papan, 4916 Hillcrest Ave., Little Rock, Ls11-13 B3, Hillcrest, $280,000.

Donald L. Bodenner and Ann T. Riggs to John Curtis and Lauren Griffin, 3312 Foxcroft Road, Little Rock, L163, Foxcroft 4th, $280,000.

Massey Homes, Inc. to Frances D. Johnson, 10812 Watson Road, Sherwood, L4, Lybrand Phase II, $264,900.

Ron W. Sanders to Joel A. and Kimberly D. Haynes, 5818 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, L4 B21, Over-brook, $245,000.

Nicholas Engel and Michael Tackett to Jeffrey E. Rylee Jr., and Kalie N. Huddleston, 139 Taylor Park Blvd., Little Rock, L58 B2, Taylor Park Phase III, $243,500.

Richard Highley to James E. Downs. Jr., 1801 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, L26 B2, Engelwood, $237,500.

Katherine E. Streett to Bart R. and Kathryn J. Taylor, 5225 I Street, Little Rock, L7 B48, Pulaski Heights, $235,000.

John Curtis and Lauren Michael Griffin to Dakotah C. and Courtney R. Provence, 139 Jewell Road, Little Rock, L452, Kingwood Place, $229,900.

Louis L. and Linda Pike to Oscar Jerome and Linda Ann Haynie Green, 2100 Meridian Drive, Sherwood, L15, Millers Valley Phase I, $225,000.

Edmund S. and Annette Mautz and The Mautz Living Trust to Joshua Thomas Swan, 1207 Mellon St., Little Rock, Ls6-7 B2, Success, $225,000.

Anita K. Quirk to DOMA Investments, LLC, 510 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L5 B3, Pulaski Heights, $225,000.

Peter U. and Sandra L. Payton to Joseph N. and Priscilla A. Cunningham, 14902 Lone Pine Road, North Little Rock, L17 B2, Allen’s Highway Gardens, $220,000.

Innovation Technology, Inc. to Allison C. Pearson and Andres F. Rhodes, 506 West Fifth St., North Little Rock, L9 B4, Faucette, $220,000.

Cherie Felcher and The Estate Of Carrie Sullivan (dec’d) to Beth and Christopher J. Stewart, 1709 Circledale Road, North Little Rock, L21 B1, Over-brook, $213,000.

Ashley Sharp and Jason Fitzgerald to Lanetra Whitmore, 1 Butterfly Court, Sherwood, L25, Turtle Creek Phase I, $212,500.

Christopher and Julie Schwilling to Grayson C. Chilton, 1019 N. Polk St., Little Rock, L9 B10, Hollenberg, $210,000.

Brandi C. Bowman and Brandi C. and Jason Taylor to Tyle J. and Crystal D. Couch, 5 Spring Drive, Maumelle, L144, Edgewater Phase II, $209,900.

Alex C. and Julie Weaver to Susan Orr Clevidence, 2020 Topf Road, North Little Rock, L18 B22, Lakewood, $207,000.

Katherine E. and Kenneth E. Thompson to Marquita Little Numan, 7020 Amherst Drive, Little Rock, L73, Shannon Hills East, $199,900.

Skycastle Development, LLC to Amanda Faye Jennings, 14324 Horsey Drive, Little Rock, Pt SE NE 19-1S-12W, $198,800.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Inc. to Mariam and George Hopkins, L20 B31, Woodlands Edge, $198,725.

John T. and Jennifer L. Elkins and Jennifer L. Bush to Dustin M. and Hannah P. Worthen, 4108 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock, L63 B203, Park Hill NLR, $198,500.

Marquette Gis, Inc. to Queenbeejelly Modern Fabrics, LLC, 2225 S. Main St., Little Rock, L23, Rapley Estate; L1 B1, Fulk’s- Rapley Estate, $196,300.

Amy M. Barnes to William Dawson, 136 Chambord Drive, Maumelle, L68, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $195,000.

Jason M. and Lindsay Thomas to Jeffrey D. Rodgers, 8260 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L24, Hidden Lake Estates, $191,000.

Olga E. Hedrick to Shawn Brown, 10708 Rocky Creek Drive, Sherwood, L42A, Hidden Creek, $190,000.

Arvest Bank to Arvest Bank, Pt SW SE 9-1N-14W, $189,070.

Randall Thomas Crowder to Victoia Linn Spradley, 707 N. Polk St., Little Rock, Ls6-8 B15, Lincoln Park, $188,500.

Cope Homes, Inc. to Rachel A. Ward, 1000 Parham Drive, Jacksonville, L10, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $187,500.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Patricia Brathwaite, 5709 Cypress Lane, North Little Rock, L806, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $185,975.

Jonathan M. Dupree and Kristina M. Dodson-Dupree to Antwan Williams, 11 Fox Run Drive, Little Rock, L325, Otter Creek Community Phase III-A, $185,450.

Kyle E. Mitchell to Cynthia Leigh Whitfield, 3078 Woodruff Creek Drive, Sherwood, L122 B1, Woodruff Creek, $182,500.

Douglas G. LeFebvre and Catherine J. Walden to J. Wesley and Marissa Lewis, 1805 Wewoka Drive, North Little Rock, L8 B37, Indian Hills, $180,000.

Elizabeth D. McCune to Brenna A. Rhodes, Townhome No.1, Timber Creek Townhomes HPR, $174,000.

Mark Garrick Greenhaw to Ryan E. Crowe, 2417 Maple Ridge Road, Little Rock, L160, Sandpiper Phase II, $174,000.

Calin B. and Kelli D. Beard to William Max and Rebecca Ann Branstetter, 6501 Rustin Lane, North Little Rock, L7 B8, Green Hills, $170,000.

Lee Bodenhamer and The Lee Bodenhamer Trust to Michael D. and Bridget P. Hein, Apt. 16, Townhouses-In-The-Park HPR, $170,000.

David C. and Cheryl Hill to Kimberly Kemp Hall and The Kimberly Kemp Hall Revocable Trust, 4 Wabash Cove, Maumelle, L35, Riverland, $170,000.

Luis Alejandro Parra and The Estate Of Martha E Pohnka (dec’d) to Patrick L. and Hope C. Biggs, 5 Wabash Cove, Maumelle, L44, Riverland, $170,000.

Christopher C. and Courtney C. Bowie to Bradley Vaughn Martin and Brooke Taylor Shrewsbury, 19 Pamela Lane, Sherwood, L8, Webster Grove, $169,900.

Emily Noles to Jennifer L. Sanders, 4308 Spring Glen Drive, Sherwood, L7, Spring Glen, $168,000.

Diana Kiel and Vicki Aurillo to Mary Frances Brown, 39 Laver Circle, Little Rock, L550, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $168,000.

Don and Tina Chavis to Steven E. Swaffar Jr., 160 Diamond Pointe Drive Maumelle, L193, West Pointe, $165,000.

Christopher Jared Stewart to Scott M. Stephens, 1616 Circledale Road, North Little Rock, L11 B2, Overbrook, $162,000.

George R. Lively to Ashley M. Segalla, 69 Zircon Drive, Maumelle, L112, Park Ridge, $159,000.

Kandy M. Arnold to Kristie Giompoletti-Shamoun, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 205, Little Rock, Apt. 205, Andover Square HPR, $157,800.

Bonnie N. Wellborn to Richard and Quinn Bryant, 809 Carywood Lane, Little Rock, L13, Hall View, $155,500.

Anne E. Gardner to Wendy D. and Larry Keith Hahs, 3709 Sevier Drive, North Little Rock, L28 B53, Lakewood, $155,000.

Sharon Robles to John Shelton, L158, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $155,000.

Quicken Loans, Inc. to Quicken Loans, Inc., 14 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L7, Ninth Fairway, $154,261.

Jessica L. Harris Russell to Ricky Eugene Franks Jr., L10, Chestnut Ridge, $154,000.

Nathan and Roger Nathaniel Eris-man to Richard G. Thomas, 9 Whispering Drive, Alexander, L10, Whispering Hills, $153,000.


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