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Republicans are upset with the NBA because they did not object strongly enough to China’s reaction to a general manager’s tweet about supporting free speech in Hong Kong, but Trump is asking this communist country to investigate the Bidens (I watched the video again and he was not joking). The head of the Federal Election Commission has said twice that this is illegal and Trump’s own FBI director said in June that its illegal.

Where is the Republican outrage for a out-of-control president saying, in public no less, that foreign countries should investigate and interfere with our elections, especially a communist country he congratulated on the anniversary of their communist takeover in 1949?

The whistleblowers complaint was spot on and we know this because Trump released the transcript of the call and it shows the president bribing [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky by asking for a favor, which was investigating the Bidens, and at the same time holding up the $391 million in aid to that country. Zelensky knew and we know that the aid was contingent on him getting dirt on the Bidens. The money was held up for several months until Sept. 11, only when Congress started looking into the matter.

So we have two open attempts by our president to get help from foreign governments to help him in his 2020 re-election, which again is illegal. When are Republicans going to put America first and not this leader of their party? He is not being attacked personally, but because of his actions, which are despicable.

Lee Lewis


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