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  1. What word is used for the center of an atom?

  2. Term for the science of living things.

  3. Coal, oil and natural gas are all what type of fuel?

  4. Using this type of pseudo-science, people tried to change ordinary metals into gold.

  5. Name Fritz Lang's 1927 pioneer silent science-fiction film depicting class strife.

  6. Margaret Mead wrote Coming of Age in Samoa. What was her field of science?

  7. Thomas Carlyle called this "the dismal science."

  8. The science of genetics arose from the experiments of this Austrian monk.

  9. Mary Baker Eddy was the principal founder of this "science."


  1. Nucleus

  2. Biology

  3. Fossil

  4. Alchemy

  5. Metropolis

  6. Anthropology

  7. Economics

  8. Gregor Mendel

  9. Christian Science

ActiveStyle on 10/07/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Science

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