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story.lead_photo.caption Rescue Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap and EyeJust Screen Protector

EyeJust Screen Protector

What's to love: A screen protector for your iPhone that also filters out blue light. Blue light, emitted from electronic devices, has been shown to disrupt sleep. EyeJust -- the maker of these screen protectors -- says that blue light can also damage cells in the eyes and skin.

What does it do: Like other screen protectors made of tempered glass, the protector comes with directions and a screen cleaner for applying to the phone's screen. The optical grade glass, which seems to add a slight warm tone to the screen, blocks blue light. The screen is also made to be anti-microbial and smudge resistant. It comes with a two-year degree. EyeJust also makes screens for iPads and Mac Books. Prices start at $34.99.

Rescue Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap

What's to love: This reusable trap will attract multiple species of yellow jackets but will not trap honey bees.

What does it do: The trap comes with an attractant that is placed on a cotton ball inside a double chamber which prevents the trapped little pests from escaping. No poison is used; the insects die from dehydration. The trap is made of clear plastic so that the user can see the trap is working. Traps should be hung at least 20 feet away from the home or other outdoor activities. The traps sell for just under $10. More information can be found at

— Cary Jenkins

HomeStyle on 10/05/2019

Print Headline: Tools and Toys

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