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Netflix is a behemoth worth billions, and the company has been a powerful driver in the disruption of cable and satellite television. Walking around loose in the world is an entire generation of kids who are used to binging shows and movies—without any commercials. They don’t have to pay their dues!

Back in our day, you had to watch three soap or car commercials to get to the good stuff. Kids these days … . They even have marshmallow-only Lucky Charms.

No doubt, many of us used to think recording favorite shows on the living room VCR was impressive—especially if we managed to program the darn thing to start and stop on the right channel. We were like gods. Technological geniuses.

But some of the more traditional moving picture/media types don’t like Netflix invading their business space—not to mention their awards programs—so they work to make it harder for the company to release its movies on the big screen. But Netflix is not one to give up easily.

It now leases movie theaters. Or at least one, the Paris Theatre in New York. According to WCBS: “The streaming media giant announced on Monday it had started a lease on the 71-year-old venue to use it for Netflix-original movie debuts, special events and other screenings. The exact terms of the lease were not disclosed.”

The streaming giant isn’t going to be stopped by some Hollywood fuddy-duddies eager to rain on Netflix’s parade. It has money to spend, and Netflix will spend it. If the company runs into a threat, it won’t be from theaters refusing to host debuts; it’ll be from the giant Mouse in the corner who just entered the streaming arena itself.

And who wins? The consumer. We get more great movies and shows. Have you watched The Mandalorian yet?

Print Headline: They’ll buy their own

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