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  1. A knife, once called an "Arkansas toothpick." Named after a friend of Davy Crockett.

  2. A beheading device used during the Reign of Terror in France

  3. Sweater named for the man who led the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade

  4. High hairstyle named after the mistress of Louis XV of France

  5. A bed, raised and stored into a wall

  6. To abstain from buying or doing trade with. Named after a landlord with property in Ireland.

  7. A bright red flower that is a symbol of Yuletide

  8. Meaning elegant, it's from the name of a hotel chain founded by a Swiss businessman.

  9. Word for one who believes his gender is superior. Named for a soldier of Napoleon


  1. Bowie knife (Col. James Bowie)

  2. Guillotine (Louisette Guillotine)

  3. Cardigan (Earl of Cardigan)

  4. Pompadour (Madame Pompadour)

  5. Murphy bed (William Lawrence Murphy)

  6. Boycott (Charles Boycott)

  7. Poinsettia (Joel Roberts Poinsett)

  8. Ritzy (Cesar Ritz)

  9. Chauvinist (Nicolas Chauvin)

MovieStyle on 11/29/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Eponyms

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