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A beautiful marriage

In April of 1952, I met the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen. On May 23, 1954, to my surprise, she married me and we had 65 years of the most beautiful marriage that anyone could hope for. My wife passed away June 6, 2019, but I am so thankful for the 65 years I was married to her.

I still miss her very much.

I am thankful for my family. I have two girls and one son who try their best to take care of me; however, sometimes I make it difficult for them, and I thank God for the Christian lifestyle we have lived.

I thank God for the great living we had. I worked for Entergy for 32 years, and they provided me with a good living and great benefits.

I thank God for the family I married into. They have always treated me as one of them. I am 84 years old and I have many things to be thankful for this year.



Grateful for much

I have so much to be thankful for, I hardly know where to start.

Of course there are things that aggravate me, like the rough road to our house or not having teeth to chew meat or nuts with, but hey, I can see the beautiful deer grazing in the yard. I can hear music (and dance). I can feel the warmth of the sun.

I love to visit the folks in the Meadowview rest home (where my mother lived the last seven years of her life), and the senior center is a great place to visit with folks, too.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to share my thoughts.



Terrific health care

I am thankful for my cancer diagnosis. It got me out of Enid, Okla. I am being treated for cancer by some terrific health-care professionals. I feel better in beautiful northwest Arkansas.

Best of all, I am the recipient of divine mercy, which changed my life.



Thanksgiving politics

As the coming holiday season quickly approaches, I reflect on a couple of things that our great state can be thankful for.

Out of all the politicians in the U.S. Congress, at least Arkansas can make the claim that Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan are not the elected officials representing our state. Having Tom Cotton is embarrassing and shameful enough.


Eureka Springs

Still here in my heart

This has been a tough year for my family since Mama died, but I still have a lot to be thankful for: my sister and brothers, my kids and grandkids and nephews, my garden and the fact that I’m living in the house that my grandpa built with his own two hands nearly 50 years ago.

My brothers and sister and I were very lucky to have had the best mom in the world, and to have her parents live so close to us that we could just walk over across the pasture or ride our bikes down the road to see them. All three of them had the best stories and were smart and funny as all get-out.

Mama and Nanny were the best cooks I’ve ever known, and their dressing was always the best part of the Thanksgiving meal, but anything they made was good. Grandpa could grow or build just about anything he thought of. They all taught me what love is and how a man should be, and I hope I’ve lived up to their expectations.

Nanny could also sew what she saw; Mama told me that during the war when they were living in California, they would window-shop. Nanny would make a sketch of a dress they liked, then make it at home, and it would be better than the original they saw in the store window.

I’m thankful that I got to spend Mama’s last couple of years living here with her, and I’ll hold those memories forever. She’s in our hearts always.



Bless first responders

As residents of this great country, we all can be thankful for being able to live in such an amazing place. We have the most freedoms of any country on the planet and we can pursue life pretty much as we wish.

Perhaps the greatest aspect to be thankful for is our group of individuals known as “first responders”; this includes people from our military, police, fire and medical rescue personnel who work tirelessly, day and night, 24/7, to provide us protection and services that make us safe and save us when we are in need. Without these “heroes,” many of us and our loved ones would not be here today.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, as on any day, my family will be saying thanks to all of these earthly angels who look after us and take care of us. Thank you all and God bless you and your families.

God bless America.


North Little Rock

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