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AGFC town hall set for Stuttgart

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will hold an open town hall-style meeting Nov. 20 from 6-8 p.m., at the Grand Prairie Center in Stuttgart.

The auditorium is at Phillips Community College, 2807 U.S. Highway 165.

The public will be invited to ask the commissioners questions directly about agency projects and policies.

This will be the third town hall meeting in 2019.

Commission Chairman Ken Reeves of Harrison said the first two meetings were productive and well attended.

"We want to give this same opportunity to people in other parts of the state," Reeves said.

Brief presentations will be given before the open question period. Anyone who wishes to speak is encouraged to attend and sign up at the door to be called upon.

Protect duck waters from 'invaders'

Waterfowl hunters should take steps to prevent spreading invasive aquatic plant species in Arkansas waters.

Boats, trailers and decoys can harbor seeds and pieces of the plants that can regenerate when placed in new waters.

Some invasive plants, like hyacinth and giant salvinia, can disable large horsepower mud motor and choke out all of the beneficial, seed-producing plants waterfowl eat.

Jimmy Barnett, the AGFC's aquatic nuisance species coordinator and an avid duck hunter, says nomadic duck hunting tactics make duck boats and duck equipment efficient distribution systems for unwanted exotic species.

"When rivers begin to flood, ducks move around to access new food sources, and hunters follow," Barnett said. "Anything they carry and use in the water could be a pathway for invasive species like zebra mussels and exotic vegetation."

Hunters can help prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species by following the three-step process of clean, drain and dry anytime they move to new water:

Remove all plants and pieces of vegetation, seeds and mud off your waders, decoys, boat, truck, blind and trailer.

Remove the drain plug from your boat when you leave the water.

Let all gear dry for at least five days before visiting new waters. If drying is not an option, spray all equipment with a high-pressure hose or hot water.

Visit for more information about invasive species and what hunters can do to help.

Sports on 11/10/2019

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