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  1. A person could be this animal in “sheep’s clothing.”

  2. You can say this phrase instead of “Wait a minute!”

  3. Three-word term for a pursuit that is a waste of time

  4. Term for a person who is close-minded and stubborn

  5. A person who is limited to one good ability may be called this.

  6. Don’t ignore this big animal if it is in a room with you.

  7. You might say this about something that really annoys you.

  8. If you avoid something in a sneaky way, you do this.

  9. Feline expression indicating that something is really great


  1. Wolf

  2. Hold your horses!

  3. Wild goose chase

  4. Pigheaded

  5. One-trick pony

  6. Elephant

  7. It really gets my goat.

  8. Weasel out of it

  9. It’s the cat’s meow.

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Animal Talk

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