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  1. What should you do if you can't stand the heat?

  2. Term for a ship's kitchen

  3. Term for a kitchen closet in which groceries or dishes are kept

  4. This common kitchen substance is known chemically as sodium chloride.

  5. This six-letter geographical word describes a feature found in many modern kitchens.

  6. These two paired kitchen items are used to grind solids into powders.

  7. Which U.S. president had a "kitchen cabinet"?

  8. New York City neighborhood sometimes known as Clinton

  9. In this TV series Daisy Mason rose from kitchen maid to assistant cook.


  1. Get out of the kitchen

  2. Galley

  3. Pantry

  4. Salt

  5. Island

  6. Mortar and pestle

  7. Andrew Jackson

  8. Hell's Kitchen

  9. Downton Abbey

Weekend on 11/07/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Kitchen matters

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