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Tackle the problems

We, the voters, are corrupt. All we listen to is barbs, slurs, 30-second sound bites, innuendo, half-truths and the political circus. In the end we vote for who promises the most for us, and too bad for anyone else. We will never be part of a true problem-solving citizen voting group until we demand that our elected tackle the problems of our great nation.

Will we ever address in-depth/detail the following? 1. Burden of the national debt on future generations. 2. Buying more than we sell overseas. 3. Citizen versus career politicians. 4. Returning power to the states and to the lowest possible government level. 5. Big federal government, unions and business. All now are monopolies and self-serving. 6. Punitive damages. The legal lotto system. We (the consumer) ultimately pay for the award. 7. Add yours.

Look into the mirror and reflect on what could be.



Kids belong in shop

Today in the Clear Spring School, wood shop students will be learning some of the lessons to be gleaned from the practice of craftsmanship. In the 18th century, French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau had said, put a young man in a wood shop, his hands will benefit his brain, and he'll become a philosopher while thinking himself only a craftsman.

Rousseau implied that there is stature in the practice of philosophy. It was his calling. He also implied a sense of humility in the young man in that he thinks himself "only" a craftsman.

Humility is one of the important traits of character seriously lacking in our current state of affairs.

Self-promotion seems to be the name of the game in politics and in business while throughout the country in our small towns and villages, folks do simple, humble things in service to each other.

Will there be a time when we are wise enough to choose our leaders from among those who've chosen a more humble path? There are certain warning signs that could protect us in the future from the leaders we have now. Ardent self-promotion tells us that certain folks are not worthy of our respect. Great wealth is never a sign that a man is worthy of our trust. In fact, it suggests the opposite.

Watch for those who give freely of themselves in service to others and give them the responsibility and power to be of greater service. You can learn qualities of heart and humility by making useful beauty in service to family and community. It's why kids belong in wood shops.


Eureka Springs

No honor, integrity

I think there should be a new book titled All the President's Deceitful Lies.

There is an African proverb which states, "In a time of crisis, the wise build bridges but the foolish build barriers."

At this time, the president of America appears to be the "Pied Piper" of American hypocrisy. He accentuates the historical racist propaganda which fuels hate and bigotry for non-white Americans and immigrants. It is evident to me that minorities are subjected to radical racist domestic terrorism by the current president of America.

I believe the ungodly alliances between Trump, his supporters, administration and elected Republicans embody another African proverb, "one who relates to a corrupt person's likeness becomes corrupt." We have witnessed this by those who support and serve him. They also have no shame.

My black and brown brothers and sisters of faith ask, "Do we have the same Bibles?" The hateful evil actions and uncouth language he espouses are not of a person of faith. We have witnessed "religious fraud" by those who once flaunted "religious superiority" due to their positions on abortion. Now they embrace the hatefulness of their leader whose words we mute from our children and whose polices chain and incarcerate children and families of color seeking help. There are other atrocities, too many to name.

The truth is no greatness will come from this. Where there is no integrity, there is no honor. Nothing about this administration is honorable.


Little Rock

Drop investigations

It would be nice if our country could just get along and our media and opinion folks could just take a break.

We all know that they have tried to move the needle on impeachment by blasting Trump 24/7. Some even refer to Trump as a second-place president, which really makes no sense since he won by a sizable electoral college vote. That would be like a football team gaining 455 yards to another's 410, but losing the game 24 to 17.

I think at this time with zero or little bipartisan support, the impeachment process is just wasting good tax monies, and the current House passing hundreds of bills that will not become laws. I think it is a shame that Congress has issued more subpoenas than legislation that became laws.

For the good of our country, everyone drop all investigations and use the American way at the ballot box to choose sides and accept the results of the 2020 election.



Editorial on 11/07/2019

Print Headline: Letters

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