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Trump within bounds to press Biden probe

Just for a moment take off your political hat and look at facts. Impeachment for a U.S. president means the House of Representatives has by a majority vote passed articles of impeachment charging the president with “high crimes and misdemeanors.” There is no official definition of what qualifies as “high crimes and misdemeanor,” so it is whatever the House decides. According to Article I, Sec. 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution, the House shall have the sole power of impeachment. The House will then forward its conclusion to the U.S. Senate for further action.

The House has chosen high crimes because President Trump called on Ukraine to look into [Joe] Biden and his son for possible criminal acts. As to Biden, the president has the right to ask questions, because of Treaty 106-16 between the United States and Ukraine, dated Nov. 10, 1999, and submitted by then-President Bill Clinton and the Congress. It states both countries have a mutual legal right of assistance in possible criminal matters. So, yes, President Trump was within his rights as president through Treaty 106-16.

Now, the whistleblower. This was also submitted by the Democratic House and before a committee directed by Democrat Adam Schiff. The whistleblower stated he did not have any firsthand knowledge, and in some cases, the information was third hand. The whistleblower stated in his report information was assumed or heard. I will let you decide if this would stand up in any court of law or before a judge.

Adam Schiff’s conduct at the first meeting is questionable as he presented items from written transcripts in his own words and did not reflect the intent of said transcripts. In many cases he was leading the witness. Legal action is now pending on his conduct by the opposing party.

This information was not written to reflect any political party, but the facts of the impeachment proceedings against President Donald J. Trump by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the U.S. House. This case will not pass under the articles of impeachment in the U.S. Senate.

Please take time to confirm any information and remember to vote.


West Fork

Take on presidential ‘options’ worth read

I think Greg Harton has been reading my mind. His article in the Sunday, Oct. 27, paper on the front page of the Perspective Section titled “What if Trump is booted?” is spot on.

I’m a registered independent and politically homeless, and his assessment of the current “options” for the next election are simply very, very true and represent millions of us who live in “the middle” as a good place for a healthy democracy. Mr. Harton’s insights are valuable and he reads the temperament of the nation very well.

If readers have not recycled their paper yet, find the Sunday paper and read Mr. Harton’s contribution for a worthwhile comment in our (un)civil discourse.


Siloam Springs

[email protected]

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