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DEAR READERS: I'm so excited! November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Why consider an older dog or cat rather than a puppy or a kitten? Read on:

An older pet is (probably) housebroken, already knows simple commands, is typically discounted at the shelter and is so grateful to be given a second chance!

Do senior pets require special care? Yes and no.

• Good nutrition is key. Limit people food.

• Lots of exercise, to keep fit.

• Teeth cleaning and dental visits.

• Comfy surroundings at home.

• Regular veterinarian visits -- pretty much the care that you would give any animal.

Don't overlook the senior pets at the shelter. They still have plenty of life, love, loyalty and laughter to give.

DEAR READERS: A simple way to lessen your dog's tear-stained eyes is to gently wipe the under-eye area with a tissue, frequently, to get the dog used to it. Use the verbal cue, "Wipe eye," when doing this. It should help.

DEAR READERS: Something that is so important this time of year: a plan to evacuate your home in case of an emergency. Devise at least two ways out in case one is blocked.

Set up a meeting place well away from the home, and don't forget to grab your phone and all pets.

DEAR HELOISE: In regard to a previous column about "angel shots" [a verbal cue to a restaurant server that a patron may be in trouble -- Heloise], my job in a large retail store had the same setup.

If any employee felt unsafe at quitting time, a plainclothes security employee would act like a long-lost, obnoxious, loud friend and walk the person to the car, saying, "How's the family?" "Call me!" "You look good!" ... random stuff.

We had secret words to use if we needed this service.

-- Feeling Safe, via email

DEAR READERS: When buying fresh carrots, select those with a darker orange color; they tend to have more vitamin A!

Send a money- or time-saving hint to Heloise, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, Texas 78279-5000; fax to (210) 435-6473; or email

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HomeStyle on 11/02/2019

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