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The Citizens Climate Lobby’s push for a carbon fee and dividend system to reduce climate change

Members of the organization Citizens Climate Lobby stopped by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette offices to visit with our editorial board about their hopes for federal legislation to establish a fee and dividend structure to encourage the reduction of carbon-producing activities. Editorial page editor Greg Harton visited with two members in our Fayetteville podcast studios for the latest edition of “Speaking of Arkansas.”

For additional information about the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s stance, visit the organization’s Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy and FAQs

For a sampling of other analyses about the merits or lack of merits for a carbon fee and dividend system, visit:

Yale Climate Connections

The Congressional Budget Office report on the “Effects of a Carbon Tax on the Economy and the Environment”

The CATO Institute

Wharton University of Pennsylvania

The National Review

Other editions of “Speaking of Arkansas” as well as other podcasts from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette can be found at

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