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Will Connolly, the 17-year-old Australian arrested for cracking an egg on the head of a politician in response to the politician's remarks about the New Zealand mosque massacre, donated nearly $70,000 raised for legal fees to people affected by the killings, saying the money "wasn't mine to keep."

Edward Bell, a University of Iowa pediatrics professor, said a baby named Saybie, who weighed about 8.6 ounces when she was born prematurely five months ago at a San Diego hospital, was discharged as a healthy, 5-pound infant and is believed to be the world's tiniest surviving baby.

Cody Short, 40, of Trout Run, Pa., charged with illegally catching and trying to sell venomous eastern timber rattlesnakes, was hospitalized in critical condition with multiple snake bites on the same day a judge delayed a court hearing related to the case.

Season Bennett, a barber shop owner in Charlotte, N.C., who found out that 14 seniors at East Mecklenburg High School would be blocked from graduation if their overdue fees were not paid, raised $4,500 to erase the debts.

Marlin Jackson, an Alabama man attacked by a veteran's emotional support animal while on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to San Diego, filed a negligence lawsuit against the airline and the veteran, claiming that the airline didn't verify that the dog was a service animal.

Andrew Bautsch, 31, executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party, who shoved a hotel security guard just hours after his March wedding in New Orleans, was sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to a battery charge.

John Martinez Jr. said he was walking along a street in Raleigh, N.C., when he saw a man in an orange jumpsuit sprint away from a sheriff's deputy and decided to help the officer by tackling the man, who turned out to be a murder suspect.

Roy Syvertson, 86, of South Hampton, N.H., said it first felt like a bee sting before he realized he'd been bitten on the finger by a rabid bat that had wedged itself inside the cover of his iPad tablet.

George Needham, a county library director in Delaware, Ohio, said telephone threats and concern for the safety of the staff and patrons led him to cancel a drag-queen-led "Drag 101" class for teens interested in learning about hair, makeup, nails and clothing used by performers.

A Section on 05/30/2019

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