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Self-inflicted wounds

Soldiers are taught not to shoot themselves in the foot. Self-inflicted wounds are greatly discouraged.

A tariff is an economic self-inflicted wound.

I would think, with Senator Cotton's education and military experience, that he would be more sympathetic.



Cajun's Wharf closing

So the venerable Cajun's Wharf is closing its doors because, in the words of its owner, there's just not enough business on weekdays. She went on to say it was looked upon as a "special occasion" restaurant and therefore didn't draw as regularly as other spots might have.

Well, as Little Rock's only true riverfront restaurant, and a gem at that, I have to wonder why it chose to close on Sundays. Surely that's half of the weekend, so why would you sacrifice that, of all days, if you were a special-occasion restaurant?

Hopefully, some clear-thinking entrepreneur will buy it and open it back up for business Thursday through Sunday and otherwise change nothing more than a refresh.

Success would surely follow and, judging by the crowd on this Tuesday evening, many would agree.


Little Rock

Newspapers critical

Thanks to Walter Hussman Jr. for creative ways to continue to get the news out to the state.

It is critical for newspapers to continue to exist, as they are one of the last bastion of sources that follow journalistic principles and practices.

While I prefer the print version, the fact that real news will continue to be available through iPads speaks volumes about Mr. Hussman's commitment to continue to provide fair and accurate reporting in a time where there is so much content available that has nothing to do with facts.

Kudos to you, Mr. Hussman!


Holiday Island

More for Rushmore

I agree with John Brummett's Arkansas Rushmore selections, but I'd add in the array Almeda "Granny" Riddle, folk singer from Cleburne and White counties.

Her rendition of "Barbara Allen" that I taught in my folk music classes still haunts me. I have a piece on her in Arkansas Biography: A Collection of Notable Lives, edited by Nancy A. Williams, published in 2000.



Editorial on 05/16/2019

Print Headline: Letters

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