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Brady Waikel, a U.S. Border Patrol agent, waded into the turbulent Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, to rescue a 7-year-old Honduran boy who nearly drowned when the boy, four adults and four other children tried to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in inflatable children's pools that capsized.

David Macy, an Oklahoma City fire captain, said two window washers were rescued near the top of a 50-story downtown skyscraper when the scaffold they were using began banging against the building, breaking windows and dropping glass shards on sidewalks and streets.

Shaun Sullivan of Merrick, N.Y., faces up to 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty in a direct-mail scam that stole more than $30 million from elderly people and others by asking them to send $20 to $25 fees to claim nonexistent prizes.

Abdullah Hashim, a lawyer who works with human-rights groups in Bahrain, was arrested on allegations that he misused social media and published fake news by sending out tweets questioning the government's ability to maintain security and protect the public.

Ann Wojas, an Indiana State Police sergeant, labeled it a "sticky situation" when a tractor-trailer hauling honey overturned on an interstate near Hammond, spilling the load and blocking eastbound lanes for about eight hours.

Jeff Willis, the district attorney of Coosa County, Ala., said an investigation is underway after relatives of a woman who has been jailed for 17 months demanded answers upon learning that she's about to give birth but says she has no memory of having sex while incarcerated.

Tyler Evans, 29, a caretaker at a home for disabled people in Chattanooga, Tenn., was arrested after being accused of beating a patient with a leather belt because the patient "would not calm down" after Evans refused to give him a soda, police said.

Kurt Kaser, 63, of Pender, Neb., alone and without his cellphone as he unloaded corn, used a pocketknife to cut off his mangled leg below the knee after it became trapped in a grain hopper and then crawled about 150 feet to get to his phone to call for help.

Elmo Proctor of Greenwood, Miss., says he and his son are still alive because their dog, a pit bull named AP, pushed open a door and woke him by barking as their rental house filled with smoke, enabling them to escape an overnight fire.

A Section on 05/16/2019

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