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  1. This emperor really did not fiddle while Rome burned.

  2. The "Pentagon Papers" revealed news about this war.

  3. This Greek city-state was noted for its military proficiency.

  4. The Easter Rising of 1916 took place in this country.

  5. Harry S. Truman promised Americans a deal that was _.

  6. It was attacked 18 years before it became a state.

  7. He was the governor of New York state from 1943-54.

  8. Saigon was renamed in honor of this man.

  9. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended this war.


  1. Nero

  2. Vietnam War

  3. Sparta

  4. Ireland

  5. Fair

  6. Hawaii

  7. Thomas E. Dewey

  8. Ho Chi Minh

  9. Mexican-American War

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Print Headline: Super Quiz: History

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