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Joe Biden not the candidate to save soul of United States

I see that Joe Biden has entered the race for president with a promise to save the soul of this nation. Here is a man who has for years supported the murder of millions of souls through abortion. I guess that in your mind the murder of all those innocents is not a stain on the nation's soul, huh, uncle Joe? What would you know about the soul of this nation?

Biden's roll-out was based on a flat-out lie as he accused President Trump of supporting white supremacists and Neo-Nazis during a response to the Charlottesville incident. I watched Trump make remarks in which he condemned white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. He also said there were good people on both sides since some citizens were there just to protest the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. He was right! There were good and bad on both sides of the confrontation and there was nothing racial in the president's remarks.

What happened to the soul of the nation, Mr. Biden, when our people were abandoned at Benghazi and heroic defenders died while calls for help were ignored? Where was Joe when the secretary of state and others lied, falsely stating that the attack was caused by a videotape? Where was he when the attorney general and the administration got caught up in a failed gun-running scheme called "Fast and Furious" in which one of our agents was murdered?

Where was Joe when IRS officials were caught red-handed in politicizing that agency? Where was he when Hillary sent classified documents through her private server then cleaned the server and destroyed phones and laptops as the FBI was closing in? These things and more occurred under Biden's watch and yet he says there was not a hint of scandal during Obama's two terms. Short memory, Mr. Biden.

It seems to me Biden is more interested in protecting the Democratic party than the nation. When he stands against religious freedom, such as in the case of "The Little Sisters of The Poor," how does that protect our soul? When he supports a party that condones the killing of innocents, even after birth, whose soul does that protect? If he can't even stay true to the teachings of his church concerning life and the soul, how can we expect Biden to know anything about the soul of the nation?

President Trump's life leaves plenty of room for criticism, but adding to his flaws by spewing lies won't earn Biden the sainthood he is looking for. Maybe if he decided to defend innocent life, religious freedom and the reduction of government intrusion and overreach into our lives Biden might find the soul that created America. He certainly won't find it if he continues hiding in the political swamp where he has been slogging around for over 45 years.

Dale Lange

Bella Vista

Commentary on 05/11/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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