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A Crystal Bridges Museum spokeswoman describes Art In Bloom as a "celebration of the power of art combined with the beauty of nature." New to the museum in 2017, the multi-day event brings living artworks by local florists into juxtaposition with masterpieces in the permanent galleries, while inviting the public to visit, see live demonstrations and attend workshops and talks.

Moira Anderson, senior museum educator and the driving force behind Art in Bloom, answered these questions for 'SUP.


Art In Bloom

WHEN — 11 a.m.-5 p.m. today through Monday

WHERE — Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville

COST — Free

INFO — 657-2335 or

Q. What inspired the idea at Crystal Bridges? Is this something done frequently at museums in other places?

A. Many museums host an annual Art In Bloom as a beloved weekend event, and we definitely took inspiration from several around the country.

Q. How many florists will participate?

A. In 2017, we had six. This year, we have 11.

Q. How are they paired with their pieces of art?

A. This process is really fun! I work with our curatorial team in advance to choose works of art from the permanent collection as options for florists to choose from. A few months before the event, florists come in for a "selection day" where they each draw a random number, and then in numerical order, have the opportunity to choose one of the artworks available for their design. From there, they develop their concept, and I am always blown away with the creativity.

Q. What do you hope this event brings to the public?

A. A sense of curiosity and another layer of interpretation with art! This program provides the opportunity for our guests to see how a floral designer is reacting to and interpreting a familiar work from our permanent collection, using natural materials. It's always fun for me to learn a little more about the consideration each florist took in executing their design -- and this year, we'll have opportunities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. for guests to drop by for talks with gallery guides or florists at some of the works.

Q. Are you a gardener? Flower person? Has this inspired you in any personal way?

A. I worked as a florist for over four years while getting my undergrad degree -- and I adored it.

-- Becca Martin-Brown

NAN What's Up on 03/15/2019

Print Headline: Art In Bloom Brings Floral Masterpieces Into Museum

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