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story.lead_photo.caption Lemondrop Citrus Juicer and Jack and Mary Designs Wool Dryer Balls

Jack and Mary Designs Wool Dryer Balls

What's to love: Handmade in Maine of 100 percent felted sheep wool.

What does it do: The environmentally friendly dryer balls are used in place of dryer sheets to soften and reduce wrinkles in laundry and also cut down on drying time. The wool dryer balls are unscented, but add a few drops of a favorite essential oil and let soak in, and clothing will be scented as it dries. The company recommends using four dryer balls at time and says they should last through 1,000 loads. They sell for $25 for a set of four. More information is available at

Lemondrop Citrus Juicer

What's to love: Allows you to use just the juice you need from a lemon and stores the rest of the lemon for later.

What does it do: Slice off one end of a lemon, then twist the tool down inside. This juices the lemon, but keeps it inside the lemon until needed. When ready, open cap and pour the juice into the included measuring cap or directly over food. The juicer is made to keep the seeds inside the lemon. The plastic and silicone Lemondrop comes apart easily for cleaning and is top rack dishwasher safe. It sells for $7.99. More information is available at

HomeStyle on 03/09/2019

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