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  1. Our galaxy contains millions of stars. What is our galaxy called?

  2. In which professional sport have the three stars of a game been selected?

  3. George Lucas created this epic space opera franchise.

  4. The symbol on the flag of Israel represents the Star of __.

  5. What guide provides three stars as the highest ranking for a restaurant?

  6. Tom Bergeron hosted this show featuring stars.

  7. What kind of craft was Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise?

  8. Which planet has been called both the "Evening Star" and the "Morning Star"?

  9. In which Disney film is the song "When You Wish Upon a Star"?


  1. Milky Way

  2. Hockey

  3. Star Wars

  4. David

  5. Michelin Guide

  6. Dancing With the Stars

  7. Starship

  8. Venus

  9. Pinocchio

HomeStyle on 03/09/2019

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