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story.lead_photo.caption Diane Page Harper - Photo by Cary Jenkins

Diane Page Harper

Where I live: In Hillcrest, with my husband, Jim Harper, and our cat Camille Clawdel.

Occupation: Visual artist in a studio and exhibition practice, art workshop instructor, faculty member at the Arkansas Arts Center Museum School and part-time medical social worker at Baptist Health Medical Center.

My favorite space is: My studio at Pulaski Heights Christian Church. I named it H.A.L. for Harper's Art Lab and as a nod to my photographer dad, Hal Page, who died in 2006. Within walking distance from our home, it is my playground full of possibilities.

Why?: The room has northern light, tall ceilings and is spacious. It used to be a preschool art room and is perfectly suited for my creative bursts. I have a bright and cheerful sitting area with wicker furniture and green shag carpet that I named my "patio." My female superhero collection reminds me to be fearless in creating works. There are tons of shelving and table top space. I share the upstairs of the church Annex with other terrific artists. It makes for interesting hallway conversations and sharing of ideas.

If I could make one change to improve this space, I would: make it larger for teaching more classes and so I could spread out to give each medium a station of its own. It would also be great to have an elevator and someone to clean up my creative messes!

-- Ellis Widner

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