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  1. This creature has the largest mouth of any animal.

  2. This big cat cannot retract its claws.

  3. This type of creature is said to be the oldest living terrestrial animal.

  4. The largest living species of lizard

  5. The light, soft body of this sea animal is used for washing things.

  6. The name of this fish comes from Japanese, simply meaning "carp."

  7. The African giant _ can reach a length of 22 feet.

  8. A species of this creature can live forever.

  9. A sea _ has no visible eyes or legs. Its mouth is on its underside.


  1. (Bowhead) whale

  2. Cheetah

  3. (Giant) tortoise

  4. Komodo dragon

  5. Sponge

  6. Koi

  7. Earthworm

  8. Jellyfish

  9. Urchin

Weekend on 06/13/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Living creatures

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