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Announce candidacy

Tired and thoroughly disgusted with the way the Democrats and Republicans go at each other? Despairing of the way elections and campaigns are conducted? Having difficulty choosing between candidates who seem intent on mainly raising money (for we all know that the amount of money raised signals the validity and quality of that candidate)? Ready for something or someone new?

Then may I now announce the candidacy of the Grill Party. Yes, the Grill Party. Organized and established in 2016 and duly registered with the Federal Election Commission (I kid you not. Check it out.), the party is firmly committed to never soliciting donations. Accept, yes, but solicit, no. The party adheres to the motto of "slow down and grill," and its main campaign platform is insisting that tailgating be recognized as the national activity. If there can be official insects, trees, songs and such, then there can be a national activity.

The party also is dedicated to the alleviation of the national plague known as not using vehicle turn signals. Tailgating and Turn Signals--now there is a slogan we can all get behind.

But seriously, folks, I started the party as a personal revolt against the established entities being more interested in maintaining their own power and position than actually being concerned about the people of the country.

Something to consider. As always, slow down and grill.



Protect the children

I find it hard to believe that 40-something years later we are still having the abortion debate. Many people think if Roe v. Wade is overturned that will be the end to abortion. It will not. Abortions will go on as they did before, illegally and in less than sanitary conditions. They will cost a fortune and in some cases render young women unable to bear children.

However, I am not writing to enter into this long-suffering problem. I have never understood why more time and energy is spent on the unborn than on those who are already here. In case no one has noticed, our children are in crisis in this country. Every day they are being abused and/or murdered by parents, guardians and others who are supposed to be responsible for their care. In some of these cases Child Protective Services had been made aware of potentially dangerous situations.

Now, before blaming agencies and other institutions, we have to keep in mind that they are overworked, underpaid, and usually understaffed. Unfortunately in this country we do not adequately fund systems that will protect and educate our children.

So instead of worrying ad nauseam about the Mueller investigation and Trump's taxes, why don't we take time to find a solution to a growing problem affecting the children of our nation?


Little Rock

Should have money

Now that our all-knowing leaders have decided to close golf courses and lay off city workers, they should have the funds to send someone downtown for an afternoon with a pressure washer to clean the dirt and scum from our filthy sidewalks; I've considered doing this myself.

Talk about curb appeal! Welcome, visitors to our friendly city, don't mind the filth and odor, visit the library, just don't walk there.


Little Rock

Has no fashion sense

Donald Trump went over to England, for what? Trump took his entourage with him. I am talking about his children, at taxpayers' expense. If it was anyone else running up bills at taxpayers' expense, Trump would be shooting his mouth off. I'm sure Americans have paid more for Trump and his kids than any other president.

I would like to know who is the person that dresses Donald Trump? This man should never wear a tuxedo until he loses some weight. Someone should have told him he was too fat for that tux. The people in England know how to dress. Trump, with all his money, cannot hire a fashion person, because Lord knows he needs one. Someone needs to take that black suit and red tie away from him. Also, tell Trump most men fasten their suit coat, not walk around with the coat flying open. He is the so-called president of the United States, not some farmer just out of the field. I am my husband's fashion person and he is not a young man, but when he goes out, he always looks young. Like everything else about Trump, are people afraid to tell him when he looks bad?



Lacks understanding

I find the Michael Ramirez cartoon printed Monday regarding "Dreamers" extremely demeaning and ironic at the same time. While insulting Democrats' intelligence, he is showing that he is the one who is lacking understanding--to say the least--and cannot tell the difference between coming here illegally and being brought here as minors who did not have any say-so about the matter.

This is not a subject that should even be debated! I believe any human being with compassion and understanding of the human condition has to be for giving the Dreamers legal status because this is their home and most of them don't even know the country they came from. They have been going to school here, working here, paying taxes here and contributing to our economy.

We cannot go wrong if we put ourselves in others' shoes when making decisions.

My favorite saying is, "If you don't want something to happen to you, don't do it to someone else."



Editorial on 06/12/2019

Print Headline: Letters

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