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  1. It was the first city in history to be targeted by a nuclear weapon.

  2. Name the world's most populous democracy

  3. In 1950, U.S. Marines retook this capital city.

  4. This Russian lake is the world's deepest.

  5. Name any one country of Asia's Golden Triangle.

  6. Three-letter term for the Vietnamese New Year

  7. This part of Turkey is also known as Asia Minor.

  8. This landlocked country is the "Thunder Dragon Kingdom."

  9. This capital city is named for a religion.


  1. Hiroshima, Japan

  2. India

  3. Seoul, South Korea

  4. Lake Baikal

  5. Thailand, Laos, Myanmar

  6. Tet

  7. Anatolia

  8. Bhutan

  9. Islamabad, Pakistan

Style on 06/11/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Asia

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