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DEAR READERS: Driving in a hailstorm can be a frightening event, but here are some hints to help you through:

If the weather is dicey, stay tuned to weather forecasts. When you detect hail coming down, slow your vehicle tremendously. Experts advise leaving up to three times the stopping distance between you and the next car. Low-beam headlights can be helpful.

Pulling safely under covered parking or in a parking garage is a good idea. Engage your emergency flashers. Don't get out of the car. Be aware of any broken glass inside the vehicle. After the storm has passed, take care of the glass shards right away.

These storms can be scary, but the good news is that they typically don't last too long.

DEAR HELOISE: Many people sit for long hours while working on their computers, and in the process they become sedentary and possibly develop hunched backs.

The dancer in me led me to work on my computer standing up, placing it on a tall countertop while enjoying a view of our tropical gardens.

Business owners may want to consider offering this option to employees who are eager to explore ways to stay more fit and healthy.

-- Miss Mary, via email

DEAR READER: There are computer desks that are adjustable so you can stand at your desk and stretch out your legs. There are even desks that have a built-in treadmill. Get that heart rate up. These desks can be expensive, but your health is invaluable! Make a presentation to the boss.

DEAR HELOISE: My apartment manager gave out some great advice: If you're not sure whether you should call the maintenance person, go ahead and do it.

A tiny water spot on the ceiling can lead to big problems. Sometimes, the manager said, if I don't report a problem, I could be held responsible for damage that accrues. I inspect once a month.

-- Janice B. in Oklahoma

DEAR HELOISE: I graduated from high school in 1946 and immediately enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Then I decided to go to our local junior college for two years. I took an English course, which is one of the smart things I did in life. One of the first lessons we learned is as follows: "A preposition is a word one should never end a sentence with."

-- Chuck S., Colorado

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Style on 06/11/2019

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