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President being misled

as U.S. border weakened

Isn't it strange our government can provide hundred of thousands of troops to protect the borders of other countries from invasion, but not our own U.S.-Mexico border? For 65 years, America has protected South Korea's border from communist North Korea. But Congress refuses to protect the U.S.-Mexico border.

For more than two years, the Socialist Democrat Party, RINOs, the fake news media and deep-state globalists have carried on a devastating attack against President Trump. Why? Because he wants to build a wall to protect our sovereignty and our people from illegal aliens, who are hardened criminals, human smugglers, drug dealers, drug addicts, terrorists, saboteurs, welfare drones, communist subversives and illegals who are carriers of infectious disease. Illegals are bringing in tuberculosis, measles, mumps, flu, strep throat, AIDS, typhus-carrying lice. In addition, Mexico has allowed thousands of OTMs (other than Mexicans) to come in from 80 to 90 other different countries.

NAFTA caused hundreds of thousands of jobs to go to China, Mexico, etc. NAFTA is now being replaced with the United States-Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA. The deep-state globalist goal is to erase our borders and create a North American Union.

President Trump and our congressmen need to hear from "we the people." The president is being mislead on USMCA by his advisers. It is a giveaway of our national sovereignty. USMCA is worse than NAFTA.

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion."

Call the White House (202-456-1111) and your congressmen (202-224-3121) on this matter.

Fred Coleman

Fort Smith

Headline referring to deal seems a bit disingenuous

Headline from July 8: "Iran discards another piece of nuke pact."

What "nuke pact" is that? Oh, you mean the one our dear leader pitched some time ago?

Your headline writer seems just a little disingenuous there, don'tcha' think?

Ray Dilfield

Eureka Springs

Maybe Walmart could come to county's rescue

So as Walmart moves to a new home office campus, there will likely be many current buildings available. Perhaps Walmart could even donate one to the county for a new courts building.

John B. Webster


Commentary on 07/12/2019

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