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The following is a list of those births reported to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by area hospitals. It may not be a complete list since parents may ask the hospital not to publicly release the news of a birth.


June 23

Kendrick McSee and Jennifer McKeever, North Little Rock, son.

July 2

Jermaine Norrise and Chantanzilyn Alexander, Little Rock, daughter.

July 5

Andrew and Tara May, North Little Rock, son.

July 6

Jacob and Faith Waddles, North Little Rock, twin sons.

July 7

Justin and Nancy Hoy, Bigelow, son.

Kyli Powers, Jacksonville, daughter.

July 8

Ryan and Laura Holifield, Little Rock, daughter.

Dennis Underwood and Tyrisha Smith, Little Rock, son.

July 9

Austin and Nichole Zlomke, Jacksonville, son.

Jacob and Hannah Giles, Ward, son.

Matthew and Ana Bridges, Little Rock, son.

Chris and Chelsea Kane, Little Rock, daughter.

July 10

Aaron and Trau Byrd, Bryant, son.

Marriage Licenses

Travis Ukestad, 32, and Melanie Switzer, 35, both of North Little Rock.

Adrienne Crowell, 34, and John Robelot, 36, both of Little Rock.

Season Scatterfield, 39, and Brittany Fitzsimmons, 30, both of Cabot.

Adrion Tate, 37, and Valerie Coakley, 40, both of Alexander.

Stanley Burke, 53, and Amy Bailey, 55, both of Little Rock.

Brian Dewberry, 46, and Kendraya Hampton, 27, both of Little Rock.

Andrew Sutton, 22, and Haley Kinslow, 21, both of Jacksonville.

Travis Grimes, 26, and Andrew Duggan, 26, both of Little Rock.

Shasity Savannah, 37, and Richard Winson, 43, both of Little Rock.

Blake Hildebrand, 29, and Nicole Evans, 28, both of Pine Bluff.



19-2635 Gary Godley, Jr. v. Latoya Hamilton.

19-2637 Lacammy Johnson v. Derrick Johnson.

19-2639 Stanley Williams v. Janette Williams.

19-2643 Daniel Asad v. Megan Emily Asad.

19-2644 Rodzlin Starks v. Michael Starks.

19-2646 Alexandra Taylor v. Michael Brown.

19-2647 Joyce Boyd v. Michael Boyd.

19-2649 Lauren Lewis v. Ryan Lewis.


17-3472 Alan Bacot v. Christine Cotton.

18-15 Marshall v. Elizabeth Freeman.

18-3378 Walter Jines II v. Aunna Jines.

18-3542 Cynthia Ramirez v. Juve Ramirez.

18-3861 Jan Felfrey v. Gene Andrew Pelfrey.

19-360 Jessie Losurdo-Harris v. Gerald Harris.

19-554 Stephen Branham v. Pamela Ledet.

19-855 Heather Roth v. Adam Roth.

19-1613 Christophe Flud v. Sydney Flud.

19-1980 Lisa Blaylock v. Brittney Blaylock.

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