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  1. His radio fireside chats began in 1933.

  2. In 1962, the USSR began building missile sites on this island country.

  3. What did WAC stand for during World War II?

  4. The sinking of the USS Maine led the U.S. to declare war on this country.

  5. In which state were the Salem witch trials held?

  6. In 1974, he was granted "a full, free and absolute pardon."

  7. Whom did Gerald Ford succeed as vice president of the United States?

  8. In 1993, rebels shot down two Black Hawk helicopters in this country.

  9. The Warren Commission said he acted alone in John F. Kennedy's assassination.


  1. President Franklin D. Roosevelt

  2. Cuba

  3. Women's Army Corps

  4. Spain

  5. Massachusetts

  6. Richard Nixon

  7. Spiro Agnew

  8. Somalia

  9. Lee Harvey Oswald

HomeStyle on 07/06/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: American history

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