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Give U.S. representatives

same treatment as workers

In response to the "What's good for workers is good for U.S. leaders" letter in the Jan. 10 newspaper, I agree with Mr. Elliott. If our elected officials were compensated the same way as the rest of our federal employees, for pay, benefits, and expenses, the government shutdown would not have occurred.

Try not paying them or their staff and see how fast they would come to an agreement. Shut down their expense accounts, so they cannot travel home. Don't clean their offices, pick up their garbage and make them suffer, like so many of their constituents.

Everyone, and I mean everyone including the president, need to work together now to resolve this shutdown, and stop pointing fingers. They were elected to serve ... now do it.

Sharon Neiser


Commentary on 01/13/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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