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  1. Name Africa's largest island.

  2. On which sea is Poland located?

  3. Which sea lies between Africa and Asia?

  4. Which strait connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron?

  5. What is the longest river in Australia?

  6. Excluding Australia, Greenland is the largest island. Which island ranks second?

  7. What is the most westerly Arab country?

  8. What site is Louis Hennepin credited with discovering?

  9. Which country has a name that ends with "rain"?


  1. Madagascar

  2. Baltic Sea

  3. Red Sea

  4. Straits of Mackinac

  5. Murray River

  6. New Guinea

  7. Morocco

  8. Niagara Falls

  9. Bahrain

MovieStyle on 01/11/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Geography

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