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Meaning of 'illegal'

Illegals. What are we going to do about illegals? They are everywhere here in central Arkansas. I consider them a danger to our health and safety. They appear to live without any fear of the consequences of their actions.

I see them practically every day, running stop signs and red lights, exceeding the posted speed limits, driving without seatbelts. Don't they know the meaning of "illegal?"

I'm afraid a wall isn't the solution to these illegals.



Punishment for sins

One of the seven deadly sins is greed, and scripture tells us in the Book of Hebrews: "Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'"

When looking back at 2018, President Trump's tax cut produced an estimated windfall of over $500 billion for corporations. One of the main selling points of the cut was that corporations would invest this money in new products, hire more workers, raise wages and bring jobs back to the U.S. But, for the most part, corporations did a stock buyback instead to increase shareholder value and enrich their CEOs.

This activity occurred through the spring and summer of 2018. Then in October, the stock market began to tank, and by early December, all of the market gains for the year were wiped out. So essentially the $500 billion was squandered. Pretty sad, considering what this money could have accomplished for our country.

But it is good to remember that a sin like greed will not go unpunished, and in this case, it was swift and sure.


North Little Rock

Study the traffic laws

In reply to the Prius owner's concerns about tailgaters while he cruises in the left lane, I would suggest he study up on Arkansas' traffic laws instead of complaining about other drivers. It is illegal in Arkansas to drive in the left lane whenever you are impeding the flow of traffic, no matter what speed you are driving. Statute 25-51-301 states that vehicles are to be driven on the right-side lane of all roadways of sufficient width, exceptions being if the right lane is closed, when there are three marked lanes, and when overtaking and passing another vehicle. The law also says motor vehicles are not to be operated continuously in the left lane.

Try obeying this traffic law and I would imagine you'll no longer have to worry about trucks riding your bumper.



Not limited to liberals

"Death of thought" by Preston Jones was disappointingly one-sided. Of course some college students are self-righteous, dogmatic, and in a word, sophomoric. But PC itself is nothing new, nor is it limited to liberals.

PC of the right is about enforcing established orthodoxies. At worst it's the McCarthy era, with its guilt by association. A brief encounter with some person or organization that McCarthy deemed Communist could put you in danger of losing your reputation and job, although just a handful of years earlier, the Soviets had been our ally in World War II.

PC of the right is especially evident during wars, with mandatory yellow ribbons or flag pins. Everyone must participate in the trappings of patriotism, saluting the flag and singing the national anthem. Even without a major war, some football players who held a silent protest during this ceremony were widely condemned. That's PC of the right.

It can be the simple tyranny of the majority about something as trivial as hair. In 1830, a Massachusetts war vet, Joseph Palmer, wore a long, flowing beard when nobody else did. Attacked by a mob trying to cut off his beard, Palmer was jailed for trying to defend himself, then mistreated in jail. In the 1960s and '70s young men were sometimes persecuted for wearing their hair long. (Most men throughout history have worn long hair.)

A contrived campaign insists there is only one holiday in December and only one right way to celebrate it. The right is adept at setting up "straw man" conflicts. Dozens of conservative think tanks invent tag words, Rush Limbaugh followers call themselves "ditto-heads," the president's base acts like a cult and Fox News and Sinclair Broadcast Group are major enforcers of conformity, but Professor Jones doesn't seem concerned with political correctness from the right.



Harmful to citizens

Once again, the governor and certain members of the current Legislature are in the process of making changes harmful to many citizens in our state: the disabled, their families, and the Department of Human Services-assigned CNAs (certified nursing assistants).

Those families must have jobs to keep basic living standards ongoing. The disabled (under federal regulations) are entitled to certain services provided through the state. These services are in danger of being limited in order "to save money." That leads to family members losing income as they leave the work force to provide 24-hour care. Next is the loss of income for CNAs who are serving the disabled for minimum wage. To add injury to insult, transportation for the disabled to all non-emergency medical services (routine appointments and therapy sessions) will be curtailed. Jobs for hired drivers who have been carefully trained in safely transporting the disabled will be eliminated.

Contact your senators and representatives. The time is short.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 01/10/2019

Print Headline: Letters

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