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WHAT: Healthy Choice Vegan and Vegetarian Power Bowls

STATS: Vary by flavor. The Cauliflower Curry bowl, for example, contains 290 calories and 3.5 fat, 50 carbohydrate, 7 fiber, 4 sugar and 14 protein grams. We found some varieties at Kroger, 8415 W. Markham St., Little Rock. Visit

THE SKINNY: It's January. We all want to lose weight and save money.

A good way to start is packing lunches instead of eating out. And a simple way to do that — and a thrifty way because they're typically on sale now — are frozen meals. (But do watch the sodium, and maybe add a salad or some fruit. And a snack for when you're starving later.)

Healthy Choice has introduced new vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls for those trying to eat a more plant-based diet. Flavors include:

■ Mango Edamame (vegetarian)

■ White Bean & Feta Salad (vegetarian)

■ Falafel & Tahini (vegan)

■ Cauliflower Curry (vegan)

While the blander than anticipated Cauliflower Curry bowl with rice, grains and greens contains 290 calories, the complex White Bean & Feta Salad with grains, greens, dried cranberries and pepitas, contains 470 (!) calories.

In case this is un-bean-ownst to anyone: Meat-free doesn't always mean low-calorie.

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