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Some question on wall

for President Trump

I wish this letter could make its way to President Trump, but from all reports he's not much of a reader. Perhaps Mr. Cotton, Mr. Boozman or Mr. Womack will read it and convey its pith to the president.

Mr. Trump is demanding that the American public provide $5 billion for a wall (or fence of metal slats) to "secure the border" between the United States and Mexico. Could we see drawings, please? How much of the border will this $5 billion secure? Where exactly will it be built? Are we sure that a wall or a fence will be adequate to the job? (A member of Mr. Trump's own party, Rep. Will Hurd from Texas, whose district comprises more miles of the border than anyone else's, argues that it won't.)

Would any responsible property owner -- including those who voted for Mr. Trump and continue to support him -- be willing simply to throw money at a contractor without some contract specifying what the contractor was going to design and build?

David Jolliffe


Commentary on 01/06/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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