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Bills paint a picture

I heard somewhere that a bill had been introduced to the coming state legislative session to designate the shotgun as the official state firearm. So I looked it up on the Arkansas Legislature website and, sure enough, it's true; Senate Bill 6 would accomplish that fact. I found it is also true that another bill, Senate Bill 5, has been entered to designate the Bowie knife as the official state knife. Both of these are novel ideas to me, as I was unaware that states needed official guns and knives.

Certainly their passage would paint an excellent picture of what Arkansas is all about.

While mulling these ideas, it also occurred to me that we could also name the pickup as the state's official vehicle to further clarify the picture.

And ... oh my goodness ... why not complete the job by designating as our state grain the hayseed?


Little Rock

Must solve problems

Wouldn't it be great for Americans to start the new year with a bright, happy feeling considering all the too-many-to-name blessings and great things we have? Conversely, don't common sense and the real world demand we face and start to solve the multitude of problems before us and future generations?

The most critical ones begin with the breakdown and indecisiveness in Congress and its poor relationship with the president and governmental agencies; the out-of-control spending and fraud in government; how the government protects our country; how we deal with foreign matters, troop assignments, immigration. The list is formidable.

The magnitude of out-of-control spending was brought into clear focus by a recent news article about our government spending twice as much in November as it took in. Our $21 trillion debt gets larger and larger, apparently without concern for devastating future consequences for our children and grandchildren.

In conclusion, facing the new year, U.S. citizens are lucky in so many ways, but it is time to really get together and start solving these major problems in order to preserve our future.

Happy new year, and God bless America!


Little Rock

To hold responsible

In response to "Of immoral madness," I would like to say when the invitation was for all to come, it was people who wanted to be Americans. They came here, learned the language, worked hard, and made us all better. People coming now are rushing our borders, throwing rocks and breaking in. This is illegal, and some have died.

The problem here is not the people at the border, but the ones behind the movement. They reportedly were told to bring children because it would be easy to get in. They were given food all the way and other needs were provided. When they got here and could not enter, it seems all the activists disappeared. These poor people were used and now no one is there to help them. Someone needs to be held responsible for this mess. God help us all!



Should be afraid, mad

I am a retired military veteran and an independent voter. I am scared as hell of the narcissistic, erratic liar who occupies the White House, and mad as hell at the 525 elected representatives who let and empower this person to ruin this country's standing in the world. They are practicing partisan politics instead of doing what's best for the country and/or the world. They are doing what's best for their re-election or their party.

Trump's temper tantrum tweets when he feels unloved and attacked are dangerous and juvenile; he doesn't listen to his advisers, and lets his "gut"--which is ample--make decisions that affect the entire country and the world. He just traveled to Iraq to meet and "support" the troops and lied to their faces about their pay raises and delivered a political speech. Using the troops who sacrifice their personal safety and comfort to protect this country (a concept Trump knows nothing about and did everything he could to avoid) for his political gain is inexcusable.

People in his own party say the government shutdown is a fight he caused to satisfy his base and show them he is fighting.

It's time for the elected representatives of the country to stop the madness and do their jobs and represent the interests of the country instead of their own. Walls don't work. Ask France about the Maginot Line and China about the Great Wall and how effective they were. If we build a 20-foot wall, someone will build a 30-foot ladder or a tunnel under it.

I'm scared and mad as hell, and I feel most logically thinking people should be too.



Sorry to lose carrier

We were sorry to receive a notice from our paper carrier, Jane Stark, that she is taking another job. Jane has provided excellent service to our area for 10 years. Our paper is always delivered on time, except for a few icy mornings, and in perfect condition. Even on the icy mornings, our paper would be delivered later in the day with a smile.

She has gone the extra mile to help in any way she could. Thank you, Jane.


Tumbling Shoals

For the common good

In 1919 Theodore Roosevelt proposed a universal national service program to mobilize young men and women from different backgrounds to work in a spirit of brotherhood for the common good.

I would recommend that every young person, no exceptions, would spend a year in service of America after high school. It was a good idea then, and would be a great idea today.


North Little Rock

Editorial on 01/03/2019

Print Headline: Letters

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