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Question on Rollings Hills:

Where are all the cyclists?

Regarding the Rolling Hills Drive adjustment for bicycle lanes discussed Jan. 26 in "Letters," by Jim Wimberly, I indeed had to move over a bit when a driver coming toward me was over the center line recently.

Much of the time I've tried to find alternate routes, missing this direct route to places I go.

Where are the bicycles it was arranged for? I decided to drive along Rolling Hills the beautiful Saturday we had this month, thinking surely it was a bicycling day. Nope.

So, I have yet to see a single bicycle anywhere in that few-block stretch of street.

And those "lane dividers" are dangerous.

Jacque Fifer


Injured in collision, but

recovering with gratitude

I'm writing in regard to my terrible accident on 71 south by the E-Z Mart Jan. 5. I want say thank you to everyone who called the ambulance and made sure I got help very quickly. And of course, to those who somehow got me to the hospital without any more damage to my body.

I got home recently, after spending a month in the hospital. I broke eight ribs and the very top bone in my spine. Amazingly with a walker, I am able to walk still. Again, thank you very much.

Norman Weiss


Commentary on 02/24/2019

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