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Christians' choices difficult, but Trump 'excellent' pick

Among the first actions taken by the president was the withdrawal of support for organizations involved in the destruction of human life in the womb. After coming back into power, one of the Democratic congress' first failed efforts was to try to reinstate that support for abortion. The Democrats are also trying to undo the Hyde Amendment, which bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortions except to save the life of the mother or in the case of rape or incest. The same Democrats who cry about children detained at the border want to use taxpayer funds to kill thousands of innocent children. Even if I was not a Christian, I would support the president in this.

Shame on the Republican Congress for not having passed a measure to build a border wall and double shame on the Democrats who remain intransigent in their fight against reasonable border security. Some have said we should use drones and other technology, but when have you seen a drone stop an intruder or a terrorist, unless the drone is armed? It's like installing a Ring doorbell, but not installing a door.

A wall is no more immoral than a fence around your property or a lock on your door. There are bad people in this world; some want to break into our homes and harm our families, some want to bring drugs and crime to our streets and some want to break into our country and destroy our way of life. The good people who want to come to America can get in line and knock on the door at our ports of entry, not assault our border agents or sneak in the back door.

President Trump put a temporary end to the government shutdown, swallowing his pride and giving some relief to furloughed workers. What was immoral was Pelosi and her band of obstructionists abandoning those workers and jetting off to tropical places.

Yes, Christians support political leaders who don't always exemplify all of their values. In the world of politics, people of faith must make hard choices in electing leaders who will best support their way of life. I would say that we have made an excellent choice in Donald Trump.

Dale Lange

Bella Vista

Columnist off the mark

on jail funding thoughts

Greg Harton's Feb. 3 column, "Other people's money always easier to spend" was way off the mark.

The Arkansas Constitution requires that Washington County operate a jail. There is no such constitutional mandate for cities.

As the cities in Northwest Arkansas grow, each annexation reduces the county government's ability to pay for such constitutionally mandated services. Why must the ever shrinking number of county residents have to bear the total burden of a county jail when the number of persons held in the county jail are from the cities?

The proposal for the cities to pay a per-capita amount for accessing the county jail appears to be an inherently fair proposal because the city residents will be paying a fair share of the cost of the county jail.

You can bemoan how it is a tax on city folks who did not vote on such, but those city folds did vote on it when they chose to live in a city rather than the unincorporated area.

I encourage the Washington County Quorum Court to implement charging a per-capita amount to support operation of the county jail. The court is already struggling to fund constitutionally mandated services. The county has an ever shrinking unincorporated population due to annexations and the 2020 census will bring a real significant reduction in funding as the national Census fixes the population county to be used for the following decade.

I urge Mr. Harton to rethink his position and become a supporter of charging cities a per-capita fee for jail operation.

Robert Anderson


Commentary on 02/11/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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