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Overcoming the past

not easy for president

Democrats and socialists have a consistent ability to turn the truth upside down.

Democrats were the party of slavery, divisiveness, hatred and violence. The Democrats divided the country by succeeding from the union. They started the Civil War by firing on Fort Sumter. Their treatment of Union solders was one of the ugliest chapters of the war. After the war, the Democrats were the party of Jim Crow laws, segregation, the KKK, lynchings, poll tax, voter intimidation, and white-only restrooms, public drinking fountains and restaurants.

The Democrat Woodrow Wilson was possibly the most bigoted president in U.S. history.

The Democrats were the party of police beating, using attack dogs, clubs and fire hoses on civil right marchers.

In Arkansas, Democrat Gov. Faubus defied the Supreme Court order to integrate public school and called out the National Guard to block black children from going to white schools.

Arkansas Sen. Fulbright filibustered the civil rights bill.

Democrat Robert Byrd, the longest serving member of Congress at the time of his death, was a member of the KKK. He was a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops in his local KKK group.

President Franklin Roosevelt appointed a KKK member to the Supreme Court.

Republican President Lincoln freed the slaves and ended the Civil War, saving the Union.

Republican President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock to escort black children to integrated public schools.

Republican President Nixon ended the Vietnam war. He also opened China to the rest of the world. Nixon started the Environmental Protection Agency, which cleaned up California's brown air and the sewage-filled rivers, lakes and acid rain in the Rust Belt area. He started the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Nixon initiated the first federal affirmative action program.

I can only defend President Trump's bullying, arrogant exaggerations and lying by reminding everyone that he used to be a Democrat and may just be having trouble overcoming his old Democrat ways.

Larry Faulkenbury


Democrats need change before 2020 comes along

Political correctness is becoming the new McCarthyism of our generation.

All of us, especially the media, should concentrate on the awful things going in our country instead of 30-year-old photographs and idiotic statements by members of Congress.

Democrats need to stop being so quick to condemn members of their own party for minor infractions and learn how to brazen things out the way Republicans do.

Excessive political correctness was a big factor in Hillary's defeat in 2016 and unless Democrats change their tactics, it may prove to be just as fatal in 2020.

Edward Martin


Commentary on 02/08/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the editor

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