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  1. What did Jack trade to get the magic beans?

  2. Who wrote the novel Les Miserables?

  3. In the novel by Charles Dickens, what is the family name of Tiny Tim?

  4. What is the name of the pet dog owned by Blondie and Dagwood?

  5. What is the last name of the children in Peter Pan?

  6. He sat under a sword that was suspended by a hair.

  7. Provide the missing word: "Things fall apart; the _ cannot hold."

  8. For what magazine did Helen Gurley Brown act as editor?

  9. Translate the original book title into English: Voyna i Mir


  1. Cow

  2. Victor Hugo

  3. Cratchit

  4. Daisy

  5. Darling

  6. Damocles

  7. Center

  8. Cosmopolitan

  9. War and Peace

Weekend on 02/07/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Literature

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