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Filing: Biden son paid, stopped

Payments spanned 7 months, paternity case document says by Frank E. Lockwood | December 21, 2019 at 9:01 a.m.
FILE - In this Oct. 11, 2012, file photo, Hunter Biden waits for the start of the his father's, Vice President Joe Biden's, debate at Centre College in Danville, Ky. In 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden was at the forefront of American diplomatic efforts to support Ukraine's fragile democratic government as it sought to fend off Russian aggression and root out corruption. So it raised eyebrows when Biden's son Hunter was hired by a Ukrainian gas company. President Donald Trump prodded Ukraine's president to help him investigate any corruption related to Joe Biden, now one of the top Democrats seeking to defeat Trump in 2020. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

The Arkansas woman alleging that Hunter Biden is the father of her child once worked for a company that he owned or controlled, according to a filing Friday in the paternity lawsuit.

Lunden Alexis Roberts says she began receiving payments from the company in May 2018 -- well after she became pregnant -- and that the payments continued until November 2018, according to her "Second Notice of Additional Financial Information."

"Baby Doe" was born in August 2018, according to a document previously filed with Independence County Circuit Court.

Roberts received "pay stubs for money received from the defendant [Biden] when she was employed by him and his company" but "never received a tax document for these payments," it alleges.

Exhibit sheets say the company in question is Owasco PC. Owasco PC is a law firm in Washington, D.C., according to

Several exhibits are attached to the notice, including one purporting to be a "health insurance card for insurance the defendant previously provided the plaintiff."

The card itself and any information on it have been redacted.

Hunter Biden is the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is a leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, numerous polls have shown.

Hunter Biden's Texarkana, Texas, attorney, Brent Langdon, was in a meeting and was not available for comment, a receptionist in his office said Friday afternoon. The receptionist said he would be given the message that the newspaper was seeking comment.

The paternity suit, filed May 28 by Roberts, alleges that she and Hunter Biden "were in a relationship" and that "Baby Doe" was born in August 2018 "as a result of that relationship."

The 28-year-old Arkansas State University graduate is asking the court to establish that Biden, 49, is the baby's biological father and to order him to pay child support and provide health insurance for the toddler.

The couple met while Roberts was living in Washington, D.C., her attorney has said.

Biden hasn't paid child support in more than a year, she has alleged in a previous filing.

Biden initially denied ever having sexual relations with Roberts, according to The New Yorker.

DNA testing last month established "with scientific certainty" that Hunter Biden is the baby's father, according to a filing by Roberts' attorney.

Biden is "not contesting paternity," according to a Nov. 27 motion for continuance filed on his behalf.

In an affidavit also dated Nov. 27, Biden told the court that he is unemployed and has had "no monthly income since May 2019."

He fought for months to avoid revealing additional information, including a list of his previous employers, sources of income and business ownership interests.

Questions about Hunter Biden's finances, employment history and previous substance abuse have been raised by Republicans during the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Republicans have criticized Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine and China, noting that they overlapped with his father's time in office.

Hunter Biden's defenders say there's no evidence of wrongdoing by either Biden, portraying the attacks as baseless and politically motivated.

When the paternity test results were mentioned in court documents last month, the Trump campaign tweeted a link to an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article about the revelation.

"Congratulations, Joe Biden!" it said. The Drudge Report also highlighted the report.

The Biden paternity suit has been covered for months by Arkansas news organizations and by several conservative media outlets, including Fox News. People magazine and the Daily Mail in London are also following developments.

Most national news outlets, however, are steering clear of the story as it unfolds.

Asked whether major media outfits would be ignoring the case if the paternity case involved a relative of Trump instead of Biden, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday, "No. The case would not be ignored. It would be front page news. You would all be camping out in Little Rock, I'm sure, or wherever the lawsuit has been filed."

While suggesting that there's a double standard, Conway portrayed it as one that's easy to spot and not worth dwelling on.

"People see that," she said. "We're not going to really have a conversation about all the incomplete or unfair coverage."

Metro on 12/21/2019


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