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100 years ago

Dec. 3, 1919

• The jubilee luncheon in honor of Governor Brough and the visiting delegates of the Arkansas Equal Suffrage Association will be held today at the Hotel Marion at 12:30. Governor Brough, John A. Riggs of Hot Springs, Senator William F. Kirby, Congressman T.H. Caraway, State Senator Harry Ponder and Mrs. Charles H. Brooks of Wichita, Kan., will be quests of honor.

50 years ago

Dec. 3, 1969

ARKADELPHIA -- Only 17 of Arkadelphia High School's 150 black students returned to school Tuesday, despite an effort by a biracial panel the night before to solve the students' differences with the school administration. Monday night's meeting of the biracial committee, originally scheduled for the Citizens National Bank conference room, was moved to the First Methodist Church because the crowd was so large.

25 years ago

Dec. 3, 1994

• Recent efforts by state law enforcement officials to reduce the number of highway deaths due to drunken driving seem to be paying off. The proportion of alcohol-related traffic deaths in Arkansas dropped by 15.4 percent from 1982 to 1993, according to figures released Thursday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Atlanta. Deaths from drunken driving accidents nationwide have dropped by nearly one-third over the past 12 years as states raised their drinking ages and grass-roots campaigns raised awareness of the problem, the government says. Randy Ort, spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Highway and Transportation, said state figures support the CDC study. "You can do a lot of things with statistics, but we are seeing a downward trend and we're really happy about that," Ort said. There were 206 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the state in 1993, Ort said. Those deaths were 35 percent of all traffic fatalities. From 1985 to 1989 more than 60 percent of all traffic fatalities in Arkansas were alcohol-related.

10 years ago

Dec. 3, 2009

• Wanting to be a "good neighbor" to Sherwood residents who buy electricity from North Little Rock's utility, Mayor Patrick Hays is proposing to give Sherwood an extra $470,000 next year out of his city's electric revenue. The proposed "administrative support" fee, pending City Council approval, would be in addition to a $670,000 franchise fee paid by North Little Rock to provide a portion of Sherwood with power through the North Little Rock Electric Department. The expenditure is listed in North Little Rock's proposed $53.49 million general fund budget for 2010, which Hays filed this week with the city clerk's office. The proposed budget will first go before the City Council on Dec. 14.

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