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Another holiday has come and gone. Food consumed, hugs given, hopefully arguments avoided. The usual half a day to prepare and 20 minutes to consume rule is still in effect. Lunch or dinner or something in between to accommodate all is now complete. Our compliments to the chef. Is there any pecan pie left?

Then there's another group of us who had a less traditional meal. It may have been at one of the few restaurants open with the waiter or waitress as the only company.

Sometimes hot food is hot food, you know? And to some people, that's all Thanksgiving dinner is--another meal, one they eat because they get hungry. That's perfectly fine.

We have a friend in Russellville who isn't particularly enthused about the holidays. So on Thanksgiving and Christmas, she bounces between the few restaurants that are open. In Russellville, that might be Denny's and IHOP. It's just the way she does things.

But to the cooks and wait staff at restaurants providing Thanksgiving to lonely bodies, we want to say thank you. Sure, the doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and others that work the holiday to serve their community deserve thanks as well. But crews in restaurants, shelters, churches and more that feed people with nowhere else to go on the holidays? They're the unsung heroes of holidays. All holidays.

May your customers be gracious, your tips plentiful and hours fly by. And let's go ahead and give thanks in advance to the crews that will be doing the same thing on Christmas in a few weeks. Second verse, same as the first.

Editorial on 12/02/2019

Print Headline: Dear restaurant staff

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