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story.lead_photo.caption Hamid Ebrahimifar for Personal Space (Democrat-Gazette photo by Cary Jenkins)

Hamid Ebrahimifar

Where I live: Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock

Occupation: Artist in residence, Arkansas Children's Hospital; ceramics teacher, Arkansas Arts Center Museum School

My favorite space is: our sun room.

Why? It is where my wife, Kate, and I practice yoga and meditate early in the morning. I like to sit to drink my coffee and read the conflicting news of the day on my iPad. Our sweet cat, Cricket, and I relax there together, looking at the birds in the backyard and watching the sunrise. On one side of our yard is a beautiful rock wall with patches of stucco that brings back memories of my childhood in Tehran. This gives me the creative energy I need to think, plan and dream. We moved to this house three years ago. We whitewashed the brick walls in the sun room to cool off the space, which is bathed in sunlight. This is a perfect spot for our collection of succulents. We have a striking diptych painted by my brother, Masoud, on the wall behind our couch and a beautiful line pencil drawing of a crow made of branches on white paper by our friend Dominique Simmons. These plants and art, as well as some of my clay pieces and the collection of furniture, make this simple space complete.

If I could make one change to improve this space, I would: Do nothing. But I know it will change with time, and that is OK with me.

Ellis Widner

HomeStyle on 08/31/2019

Print Headline: PERSONAL SPACE

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