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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded July 15-July 19:

Stonebridge At The Ranch Apartments Owner, LLC and IRT Gables Apartments Owner, LLC to Stonebridge Apartments OP, LLC, Tract G-R, The Ranch, $30,250,000.

IRT Carrington Apartments Owner, LLC and IRT Gables Apartments Owner, LLC to Carrington Park- Brookfield, LLC, Pt NE NE 36-2N-14W, $26,250,000.

MIMG LXXXIII Pleasant Pointe Sub, LLC to Little Rock Ventures I, LLC and Charal Little Rock I, LLC, Tract A, Rainwood Forest; Ls1-5, Morgan, $10,550,000.

MIMG LXXXIII Valley Crossing Sub, LLC, to Little Rock Ventures II, LLC and Charal Little Rock II, LLC, Tract B, Rainwood Forest; Ls1-6, Morgan, $10,550,000.

Mar Wall Sherwood, LLC to L2 Baltimore, LLC, 8521 Ark. 107, Sherwood, Lot A, Gidd Replat, $3,230,000.

Tisdale Properties & Development, LLC to Red Dot Storage 155, LLC, L1R, Harvest Food, $2,330,000.

HomeBank Of Arkansas to S. Williams & Associates Residential Construction, Inc., Pt NW NW 9 & SW SW 4-2N-11W, $1,100,000.

Penny L. Beebe to Kevin and Christie Chapman, 76 Ranch Ridge Road, Little Rock, L166R, The Ranch Replat, $550,000.

Maroun and Kay Farah to Edward K. S. and Becky L. Mrachek, 51 Mirabel Court, Little Rock, L1 B106, Chenal Valley, $540,000.

Kevin C. and Susan E. MacKenzie to Zheng Ping and Qin Li, 2 Courts Drive, Little Rock, L1 B123, Chenal Valley, $512,000.

Christopher Nelson to Veronica L. and Benjamin P. Tice, 3600 Bear Creek Court, Sherwood, L6, Valley Ridge Estates, $499,900.

Michael Dan and Patricia Ann Snider to Douglas E. and Karen K. Hutchins, 48 Laval Circle, Little Rock, L43 B51, Chenal Valley, $499,000.

Michael B. and M. Candice B. Johnson and Candice Brown to David W. Parker and Elizabeth Childers, 6 Inverness Circle, Little Rock, L27 B11, Pleasant Valley, $470,000.

Stephen N. and Kathleen H. Joiner to Brett and Cassandra Decoursey, 49 Valley Estates Drive, Little Rock, L39R, Pleasant Valley Estates, $466,000.

Audie R. Aderholt to Elizabeth Anne Storm Rule, 3 Cherry Creek Cove, Little Rock, L51, Longlea VIII-A, $442,000.

Parker and Wendy Norris to Dan and Stephanie Froehlich, 14 Wood Sorrell Point, Little Rock, L43 B2, Woodlands Edge, $415,000.

Camino Real Foods, Inc. to 4701 Asher Avenue, LLC, 4701 Asher Ave., Little Rock, Pt SW NW 17-1N-12W; Pt SE NE 18-1N-12W, $405,000.

Joey and Trista Sprillyards to Michael Dan and Patricia A. Snider, 5523 Chevaux Court, Little Rock, L25 B2, Chevaux Court Phase III, $385,000.

Maple Park Co., LLC to Brice Grayson, LLC, 1520 W. 10th St., Little Rock, Ls4-8 B1, Fitzgerald, $380,000.

Sean R. Cox to Andrew Slliott and Cecelia Murphy McGilvray, 31 Glasgow Court, Little Rock, L21 B21, The Villages Of Wellington, $379,900.

Heights Holdings, LLC to Brittany Sidna Ford, 5305 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, L2 B24, Newton, $369,000.

Robbie Cash to Jonathan and Susan Olmsted and The Jon And Susan Olmsted Revocable Trust, 70 Tournay Circle, Little Rock, L38 B68, Chenal Valley, $368,000.

Christopher Brian Cox to Candice Marie Catlett and Zachary Keith Joseph, 1 Bentwood Lane, Little Rock, L27 B7, Wildwood Place, $359,500.

Sputnik, LLC and JS3M Properties, LLC, to Abdul Shahein, 320 Kanis Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L22, Kanis Ridge Estates, $353,100.

Scott E. and Heather C. Bennett to Matthew A. and Andrea N. Devine, 14512 Honey Bear Drive, Little Rock, L8, Longlea X Phase II, $347,000.

Garden Homes, LLC to Sarah and Oliver Sobik, 11 Bentwood Lane, Little Rock, L31 B7, Wildwood, $329,900.

Barbara Gay Langhammer to Mary Katherine and Brian Lee Muldrow, 242 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L10 B15, Pleasant Valley, $325,000.

Susan Q. and Jonathan H. Olmsted and The Jon And Susan Olmsted Revocable Trust to Scott and Lori Sander, 15425 Heatherstone Point, Little Rock, L2, Heatherbrae Phase II, $320,000.

Lisianthus, LLC to Cooterneck Investments, LLC, L12 B2, McGehee, $315,000.

Daniel A. and Lisa R. Schrader to Gabe Rutherford, L14, Carriage Creek II, $315,000.

Patricia M. and John G. Lile III to Michael B. and Candice B. Johnson, Ls15-16, Hunters Cove, $310,000.

Catherine A. and Clifford M. Coker Jr., to Yasir A. Rahmatallah and Howraa Al-Mousawi, L20 B7, Woodlands Edge, $309,000.

Paul E. and Rhoda B. Dussex to John Christopher Breaux, Kathryn Breaux, Randall P. Breaux and Arleene P. Breaux, 9141 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L12 B11, Creekside, $304,000.

Leslie Rowe Warner to Chassity Nicole Bazarow, 34 Inverness Circle, Little Rock, L19 B11, Pleasant Valley, $296,000.

Associate Enterptise Construction, Inc. to Cletis H. and Tina L. Jones, 10 Trafalgar Cove, Little Rock, L61 B1, Sienna Lake, $292,000.

Charles E. and Jan K. Lynch and The Hawkeye Living Trust to Russell T. and Cynthia G. Beavers, L24 B21, The Villages Of Wellington, $290,000.

Mary Susan Beasley and The Mary S. Beasley Revocable Trust to Virginia Ivey Penick, Unit 5, Point Pleasant HPR, $290,000.

Gregory Wilton Armstrong to Randall James Gear, 5123 C Street, Little Rock, L1 B3, Pfeifer, $290,000.

James A. and Jo Ann L. Watts to Rodney Ross Paine, 10 Edgestone Road, Little Rock, Ls198-199, Leawood Heights 3rd, $286,777.

Ryan and Ashley Atkins to Frankie W. and Annalisa Ezell, 3 Cartier Court, Little Rock, L203, St. Charles, $278,000.

Virginia Carol Stutts, Dempsey Warren Ball, Donald Ray Ball, Hazel Ann Ball Revocable Trust and The Estate Of Hazel Ann Ball(dec'd) to Jeffrey Robert and Lili Hicks, 149 Hibiscus Drive, Maumelle, L53, Waterside, $277,000.

Jeb S. Lambert and Gladys C. Lopez Ovando to Michael R. and Heather L. Poppy, 311 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, L1095, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $260,000.

Mark Kurtis Rechtin and The Richard C. Rechtin Revocable Trust to Roost Holdings, LLC, 3517 Happy Valley Drive, Little Rock, L10 B23, Pleasant Valley, $250,000.

Cassidy Wikoff, Cassidy Estes Velek and Lance Wikoff to Miccole Elishica Blake, 5 Majestic Cove, Maumelle, L36 B1, Majestic Pointe, $249,500.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Pamela J. Baine, L5, Chalets At Country Club, $244,900.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Rita E. Carlyn, 25 Joel Lane, Maumelle, L17, Chalets At Country Club, $244,900.

Oliver M. and Sarah R. Sobik to Caitlin Ann Craig, 12 Waterbury Court, Little Rock, L45, Westbury Phase II, $242,000.

Chad D. and Melinda J. Taylor to Robert and Bethene Boardman, 6817 Waterview Place, Sherwood, L30, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $242,000.

Jeffrey J. and Stacie A. Burton to Andrew Presley and Lindsey Ringgold Jordan, 42 Sugarloaf Loop, Maumelle, L298, Edgewater Phase II, $233,500.

Brian R. and Pamela S. Holt to Vicyor E. and Amanda Carbajal, 1118 E. Carmichael Road, Cabot, Pt W/2 SW SE 17-4N-10W, $229,900.

Ace Construction, LLC to Jonathan P. and Karen A. Cambridge, 6212 Noble Road, Jacksonville, Pt SE SE 16-4N-11W, $225,000.

Matthew G. and Kassidy J. Cramblett to Amanda Boulden, 58 Lefever Lane, Little Rock, L579, Kingwood Place, $225,000.

Karon J. Rosa and The Charles E. Rosa And Karon J. Rosa Joint Revocable Trust to Lynn Causey, Unit 26, Timber Creek HPR, $225,000.

Jean T. West and Casawest Revocable Trust to Tiffany and Christopher Yager, 57 Danube Drive, Maumelle, L116, Riverland, $220,000.

Whitney Phelps to Mitchell S. and Mallory Paige Dennis, 90 Indian Trail, Little Rock, L514, Kingwood Place, $219,750.

John L. Burns, Carolyn Sue Burns York and Michael E. Burns to Hadi Rashid and Hivi Saadoon, 15 Ozark Drive, Maumelle, L267, Edgewater Phase II, $210,000.

David L. Mobley Jr., to Bryce Biggerstaff, 119 Chambery Drive, Maumelle, L1344, Montmartre Phase IIIA- The Country Club Of Arkasas PRD Phase XXI, $209,000.

Annette Frances Wahlgreen to Alexander McKay and Kyleigh Grace Stout, 112 Schoolwood Lane, Cammack Village, L18, Jefferson Heights- Cammack Village, $204,500.

Steven E. and Colleen D. Lassiter to Kalen and Theva Coleman, 11817 Shady Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L78, Sandpiper Creek, $201,900.

Linda J. Smith to Brian W. and Paige H. Bratcher, L5, River Club Unrecorded, $200,000.

Eddie Bowren to Logan T. Maggard, 6009 Eagle Creek Road, North Little Rock, L24 B14, Overbrook, $199,000.

Sabrina and Sabrina Frazier to Jonathan and Brooke Bricker, 6724 Beacon St., Little Rock, L125, Westover Hills, $196,100.

Bethany Lynn Butler to Andrew E. and Amber Cates, 620 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L13 B11, Gibralter Heights, $196,000.

Mar-Lis Enterprises, LLC to Emma Rhoads, 6925 Skywood Road, Little Rock, L186, Kingwood Place, $195,000.

Chris A. and Tiffany B. Yager to Matthew and Amanda Weakley, 59 Vantage Drive, Maumelle, L32, Woodland Heights, $195,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Jay and Magen Stewart, L9 B96, Chenal Valley- Hallen Court, $192,000.

Courtney Miller, Courtney McGahhey and Reid D. Miller to Jeffrey and Stacey Harmon, 13109 Morrison Road, Little Rock, L252, Marlowe Manor Phase IV, $190,000.

Sharon W. Collier to Jeffrey A. and Sharon Janecka, 70 Park Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L36, Park Ridge, $190,000.

G. Stephen and Cindy Hollowell to Brian K. Jarrell, 11260 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L15 B6, Walton Heights, $189,900.

Sarah A. Auerbach to Jacob J. and Paige M. White, 1515 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L3, Westhampton, $186,500.

Martha S. and Roddy J. McCaskill Sr., and The R.&M. Revocable Trust, to Curtis Chatham and Wallace Shane Frazier, 5415 C St., Little Rock, L2 B16, Pfeifer, $174,000.

Joseph A. Anderson and Laura Amanda McCalla-Anderson to Erikka Johnson, 3433 Brundle Court, Sherwood, L38, Hearndon, $173,000.

Kathy F. Lewis to Mark T. Daven, 2112 Riverview Drive, Little Rock, Ls2-3 B4, Virginia Heights, Pt NW NE 4-1N-12W, $170,100.

Robert L. Genimore and The Alice L. Klein Family Trust to Marc Jason and Whitney Festervand, 3826 Glenmere Road, North Little Rock, L5 B2, Lakewood, $170,000.

Charles E. Stanley to Krystle L. McCarson and The Gregory S. Ricketts Living Trust, 2907 Charter Oak Drive, Little Rock, L101, Echo Valley 1st, $169,900.

Terri Bresnahan to Sean P. and Saichon Blocker, 14806 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L6 B6, Sandpiper West, $169,900.

Amanda Hines and Amanda Lakiea Hines-Watts to Ebony Ghoshon, 117 E. H Ave., North Little Rock, L14 B50, Park Hill NLR, $169,000.

Hunter J. and Brittany Rash to Chad C. Parrish, 42 Northlake Drive, Conway, L10, Northlake (Faulkner County), $168,000.

Yunjun Wang to Dikaan Properties, LLC, 99 Woodlore Circle, Little Rock, L62, Aspen Highlands Phase II, $165,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Hervie W Chance Sr., 6973 White Oak Way, Sherwood, L270, Trammel Estates Phase V, $162,350.

Bryan J. and April C. Smith to Christopher M. and Amanda B. Rhea, 994 Jamestown Circle, Jacksonville, L43, Collenwood Phase II, $160,000.

Linda Rose, LLC to Kavanaugh Fine Homes, LLC, L119, Cammack Woods, $160,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Delores A. McElroy, 6809 Red Oak Lane, North Little Rock, L704, Trammel Estates Phase V, $159,954.

Coney & Channell Custom Homes, Inc. to Raissa Smith, 2109 Nichols Road, Little Rock, L10 B4, Hicks Interurban, $157,000.

Kim Allen and Pamela Armstrong to Matthew W. Cable, 204 Calva Road, Sherwood, L19 B13, East Meadow, $156,000.

Nicholas Elliott to Jonathan David Fort, 3 McGovern Drive, Little Rock, L20 B5, Breckenridge 1st, $155,000.

Debraca D. and John E. Williams to LaJuana T. Sanders, 3309 S. Ridge Drive, Jacksonville, L55, Western Hills Phase II, $155,000.

Brett and Andrea Bolan and The Brett And Andrea Bolan Revocable Living Trust to Paul Edward and Margaret Annis Dawson, 6909 Briarwood Drive, Little Rock, L168, Briarwood, $154,900.

Linda Geary and William C. Schaarschmidt to Donald and Connie Walthall, L17 B2, Sandpiper West, $153,500.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC and Rausch Coleman Arkansas Developers, LLC to Kenneth C. and Andrea N. Ray, 1420 Juniper Drive, North Little Rock, L391, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $152,614.

EDC Family Properties, LLC to Melissa S. and Catherine A. Fulmer, 4 Elkrun Cove, Little Rock, L183, Point West 2nd, $150,000.

Andrew P. Jordan and Lindsey Nicole Ringgold-Jordan to Michael L. and Jessie A. Strack, 30 Vantage Drive, Maumelle, L46, Woodland Heights, $150,000.

Perrone, LLC to Ryan Faulkner, 15 Patty Lane, Sherwood, L11, Georges Replat- Hankins, $150,000.

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