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Violence predictible result

of electing Donald Trump

My heart goes out to victims of gun violence in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio. The tragedy in Texas is a direct result of insinuations by a racist Donald Trump. Trump called Mexicans “rapists and murderers.” Trump incited violence against protestors and now his words are inciting violence against minorities and colored people. He recently asked American U.S. representatives who are American citizens to go back to their countries of origin. I want to ask Donald Trump to leave this country and go back from where his ancestors came from. He is a bigot and racist individual inciting violence in this country. If conservatives want American-born citizens to go back their ancestors’ countries, then we are demanding that these racists should also go back from where their ancestors have come.

Time has come that immigrants in this country stop being second-rate citizens and assert their citizenship and challenge the naked racism head on. Enough of being defensive!

I am an immigrant and people like me do not hate this country. We love this country and we have earned our citizenship. Contrast that against those who are natural born who just were plain lucky to have American citizenship.

What we love about this country is the freedom and opportunities this country provides to everyone! What we love is the rightful place of this country she has earned by spilling the blood and sweat when it came to facing evil.

What people such as me hate is the rhetoric that calls all Mexicans as rapists and murderers. What we hate is the mocking of a disabled person. What we hate is an open invitation to the enemy of this country to violate our democratic proces. What we hate is spreading of conspiracy theories about the birth place of the first African-American president. What we hate is a situation where person openly and proudly boasts that he grabs women’s vaginas and he is elected to the office of president.

I also want to bring your attention to the hypocrisy of American conservative leaders such as Lindsay Graham. Had this senseless killer been a Muslim, the bigot Lindsay Graham would have called for a military trial, suspension of Miranda rights and water boarding. Why is this bigot now not asking the same treatment for this white supremacist? This is nothing but naked racism. And we are sick and tired of the naked racism of conservatives.

I would also bring your attention to the falsehood that having loose or no gun restrictions would prevent such massacres. This is simply false! Texas is the most lenient state when it comes to gun restrictions and yet this massacre could not be prevented.

I hope minority voters such as Hispanics, African-Americans and Indian-Americans who voted for Trump realize Trump is racist. [The recent Texas shooting] was an assault on Hispanic Americans in El Paso but don’t forget similar racist gun violence in Kansas against an Indian student in 2017. Think about the choices you are making when you vote for a racist and bigot.

Ani Marathe


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