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100 years ago

Aug. 13, 1919

• The Shorter Agricultural and Mechanical College, a branch of Shorter College of North Little Rock, a negro institution, has completed arrangements for the immediate erection of a $20,000 agricultural school building ... to be built on 480 acres of land recently purchased. Five instructors will be employed at the agricultural school. The students cultivate the crops, besides doing other work to pay their expenses while attending the school.

50 years ago

Aug. 13, 1969

HOT SPRINGS -- Governor Rockefeller said Tuesday that because of the departure of three department heads and some of his aides from state government positions he would have to "recast" his administration. Mr. Rockefeller, scoffing at the view of some political observers that his administration might be breaking up, said, "I am happy to say the administration has not been built upon one man or five men." The governor said in an interview that he would promote "from the ranks" or choose qualified Arkansans "close to the administration" to fill the vacancies.

25 years ago

Aug. 13, 1994

FAYETTEVILLE -- State Attorney General Winston Bryant announced Tuesday that a joint "sting" operation, conducted by his office and Northwest Arkansas members of the American Association of Retired People, revealed that more than half of mail solicitation is fraudulent. Termed the "senior sting," more than 30 AARP members in Benton and Washington counties collected junk mail they received during a two-month period. The Consumer Protection Division of the attorney general's office then examined the mail and found that 143 of the 245 pieces of mail appeared to be examples of scams aimed at senior citizens. "The solicitations range from brain-wave training programs, to out-of-state lotteries, to investiture fees of $10 to receive a royal award from the Principality of Hutt River Province," Bryant said at a news conference in Fayetteville. "But they all have a common theme: send money." Bryant said his office has started investigating several of the mail solicitation companies, with an eye on possible suits against the companies.

10 years ago

Aug. 13, 2009

• National Democratic activists gathered with state legislators and small-business owners at the Capitol on Wednesday to urge the state's congressional delegation and Arkansans to support President Barack Obama's health-care plan. State director Kyle Simon said the debate over Obama's plan is between those who want to cover the uninsured and lower health-care costs, and insurance companies that don't want any change to interfere with their high profits. State Sen. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, said a health-care overhaul was "the call of our generation" and decried "scare tactics" of opponents, saying that recent town-hall meetings disrupted by people opposed to Obama's plan is evidence of false polarization "manufactured by a few." Several small-business owners and union leaders spoke in favor of Obama's plan.

Metro on 08/13/2019

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