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End all the robo-calls

After receiving five robo telephone calls in one day, may I add another complaint letter to the many you must be receiving about them? One of the callers said, "This call is from the Department of Social Security Administration to inform you your Social Security number is suspended because we found some suspicious activity--if you want to know more about the case, press one."

These calls, which I have tried to stop, were from distant states or other countries. Now most robo-calls are showing up on my caller ID from nearby locations like Lonsdale, Hensley, Royal and others in Arkansas. Why? It appears senders believe they will be better received, accepted, and valid because they are local.

I do not question any person's right to try to sell a product or services, but I think this problem has gotten far beyond what is reasonable, even to a point of harassment. What can and is being done about it? Is it not time for the government to step in with some kind of regulatory action?


Little Rock

Lessen the deadliness

In the wake of so many mass shootings, we must be willing to consider any measures. Personally, I believe the solution lies in finding ways to make every one of us feel more connected, accepted and part of a community and less isolated and judged; I believe we need a social solution. I don't think any new laws can completely eradicate this problem. However, stricter gun-control laws could lessen the deadliness of these attacks.

Gun control does not mean taking all the guns away. Should civilians be allowed to own shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles? What about fully automatic 50-caliber machine guns? Should I be able to buy an M102 Howitzer (a modern piece of artillery)? If you answered "No" to any of these, then you believe in gun control; it's just a matter of where we should draw the line.

I like to shoot guns. I like to hunt. It is completely reasonable for everyday citizens to own weapons for self-defense. Military-grade weaponry should not be available to civilians. We should outlaw the sale of military-grade assault-style weapons, such as the AR-15.

There is a common argument against an assault-weapons ban: If we outlaw assault weapons, then only the criminals will have them. This argument contains a fundamental misunderstanding of how the black market works. If illegal weapons are so easy to obtain, why do so many mass shooters use semiautomatic rifles? Why don't they use fully automatic weapons purchased on the black market? The answer is simple: Automatic weapons are certainly available on the black market, but they are hard to find and very expensive (just like shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles). If we outlaw assault weapons, some criminals we still find ways to obtain them. However, there will also be many fewer AR-15s in unlocked gun cabinets.



That amnesty thing

If amnesty for illegal immigrants was good enough for Reagan, there's no reason it shouldn't be good enough for Trump. And that's all there is to it.


North Little Rock

Party versus Trump

Another Democrat debate circus, voicing plans which would devastate the well-being of this country. Has the Democrat Party and seemingly a large segment of American people lost touch with reality?

"Medicare for all" and ending private insurance: Would waiting several months for critical care be acceptable? Check Canada. A recent newspaper article stated our current doctor and nurse shortage puts community hospitals at risk. How many bright young people would choose a low-paying government job as a career? My primary care doctor stated doctors like him would have to close their practice. Private insurance claims help offset Medicare and Medicaid shortages.

Free health care, free college, guaranteed income would cost trillions, with penalizing taxes on business organizations, the innovators and job creators. The "rich" already pay a large portion of federal taxes, and it's said an overabundance of government entitlements can affect the incentive to work.

President Trump's accomplishments: Booming economy; more jobs than workers; record low black unemployment; middle-class wages increasing; criminal justice reform, over 3,000 prisoners including many blacks being released; high stock market increasing 401(k) retirement funds; reorganized VA authorizing private care for veterans; depleted military being rebuilt; president negotiating for Americans to safely purchase low-cost prescription drugs from Canada; Mexico now strongly defending against flood of immigrants.

I believe the president is not a "white supremacist" or a "racist." I've seen and heard his actual statements, and they were not the distorted analyses being reported.

Recent massacres in Texas and Ohio were horrendous. Sadly, I think this is the result of broken families, a failing education system, and a declining American society. No one outside the military and law enforcement should be allowed assault weapons.


Siloam Springs

Unacceptable actions

I dare you Republican voters to go to your place of employment tomorrow and tell a person of color you work with to "go back to the country you came from." Find a co-worker with disabilities and mock them for it. Then grab a co-worker by the private parts. Call a less attractive co-worker a "horse face" or a "dog." See if you make it to lunch before you are fired.

If you are not willing to do this, you obviously realize this is not an acceptable behavior for adults. So why would you elect a president who has done and/or bragged about every one of these things publicly?



Editorial on 08/13/2019

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